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Title: Healthy Habit Maximizer
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Whatever the name, create beneficial/positive/healthy habits at a rapid pace - maximized to the fastest speed for permanent (if possible) subconscious impression for maximized conscious execution.

Would be great if goals for specific habits could be created consciously, one-at-a-time, and then immediately created in whatever way is maximally beneficial. 

Willpower is energetically and emotionally expensive.  Eventually it runs out, or you experience a down cycle to regenerate.  It would be great to be on auto-pilot when it comes to creating beneficial habits for weight loss, exercise, investing, reading for enjoyment, developing better sleeping habits, or learning.  The sky's the limit!
I was thinking about the very same thing last night. I've gone from ripped to flabby. My motivation is either on fire or nonexistent. There's no "in between" for me. I'd like to just naturally follow a sane fitness protocol. Of course,  this could apply to other areas as well (as you stated).

You're absolutely right. Relying on willpower is exhausting.
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I've been working on developing a habit developer already. It's not ready yet.
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