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Title: Employment, internship, apprenticeship?
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Shannon, I would like to contact you about any open non-sales positions you and IML may have, either employee or paid internship/apprenticeship (likely working remotely, given my current inability to relocate from NYC for now). While in the short term you seem to often do many things/everything by yourself and have been relatively successful at it, someone of my skill set would likely be of value to you and allow you to focus those energies to other aspects of your businesses and hobbies. My background is primarily in web development, and includes desktop software development in C++, digital audio processing, and other assorted digital production; details for all non-NDA projects are available on request. I'm working on a bachelor's in computer science from CUNY Hunter College, with a minor in music, and expect to graduate around January 2017. I also have a passion for learning and am currently working through a "Learn iOS app development with Swift" course on Udemy.

If the above piques your interest, please direct me to whatever application process you may have, request a resume, etc. If you don't have any positions available at the moment, please keep me in mind for a future opening. Thank you in advance, Shannon, for taking the time to read this and consider my request!
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