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Title: Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid (Multiple Versions)
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Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:...during my EPRAHA2 run I've completely stopped masturbating as issues around my sexuality, shame, and stress are healed...

Bookstacks DC737 said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:I'm only about 12 days into listening but the change so far as been pretty intense.

I always knew that staying up so late wasn't the best for me. It was even worse trying to find food. I live in an area where everything is spread out, so if i want something good it either has to be purchased during the day or i'm forced to settle for fast food. I don't cook, so yeah, that was an issue.

I do between 8 - 16 hours of listening each day now. I try to max it out each day because some new insight seems to pop up during the latter half the day when i listen a lot. It's been pretty exciting.

Regarding clearing and blockages I have attracted some high end, deep pocket buyers who have been buying up like a storm. It was a group who have been buying from me, so I'm literally over booked on my traffic services. I've even increased the prices on my site and I still get lots of sales, so that's a very good sign.

I can think more about the past now and not feel the sting of emotional events. I can look at the events logically and disconnected, which is what I've been wanting for a while. It's hard as sh!t to reflect over a deeply emotional situation where tempers flare, but now that I can reflect over the situations from a more mature viewpoint...let's just say that I can't quantify how much better it feels. It's just really really amazing that it's happened, and I'm grateful for it.

Another good sign of subconscious clearing is that I think I've attracted a partner after a 3 year dry spell (it felt like eternity, honestly). I was talking to a potential customer over skype and the conversation went on for ages. I've spoken to clients for hours on end sometimes, but this felt a bit different. 5 hours later she said she really liked me and wanted to see where things go for us. I was pretty much just shocked that it was so damned unexpected. Here I am trying to wheel in a customer for a sale, and yet she turns out to be a potential partner for me. We're both pretty blunt in conversation so we just laid everything out; the good, the bad and the ugly. It was mutual interest right off the bat, so we'll see what this turns into.

So E 2 has at least helped me remove blockages in attracting a partner. All the AYP users might want to key in on that.

I must admit though that my current experience is sort of a one-two punch of my Rejuvenizer and E 2. I felt some remarkable change while wearing the Rejuvenizer for the first time (im pretty sure it cleans and enhances your aura so your intentions manifest easier) and then the flood gates opened when i started E 2. Let's just say, though, that i almost never take off my Rejuvenizer. It's pretty much part of my life long term, as are Shannon's subs.

Only 12 days into E 2 and I'm already seeing such drastic change. I can only imagine what 1 - 3 months of use will bring. I hope the momentum of insight and results doesn't stop.

-Heavysm said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:...I've been on it since release date and I'm more motivated than ever. I just did the Whole 30 (strictest thing nutritionally I've ever done), I'm training harder, submitting for plenty of roles (I'm a performer. And I've landed some already), and I'm ready to get in peak shape both physically and emotionally. I've seen more external results and less internal results, but I'm sure the internal will come too!

-Maxx55 said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:hmm lots is going on under the hood
I feel better every day :-)
Today when I woke up I didn't wanna get out of bed, it felt soooooooo good :-) I remember feeling that way when I've been a kid.

It's difficult to put a finger on what's going on, lots of forgivness and taking responsibility for my life, being happy in the now without rushing like crazy to get to some God knows how high level - learning to be happy in the now and taking small steps on a daily basis to improve myself

I really don't feel like posting, coz there is not much to write about :-) Just that I feel so good :-)

When I look back now, it's hardly believable how much I've grown out of depression during the last 3months, by doing 2 hours a day, actaully I don't feel depressed any more, no neurosis, no depression
I just feel good&healthy :-)

-Pau Ko said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:...By far, though, E 2 is the most explosive sub I've ever tried...BASE doesn't even come close to the revelations I'm experiencing with E 2 right now. I literally feel it changing my life for the better as each day goes on.

-Heavysm said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:Don't feel like writing anything. Life is good. I will say that I am constantly surprising people with what I say and do. Judgements and opinions can't touch me, so I do what I want and it cracks me up to watch people while I do so. Life is funny and I spend a good amount of time laughing with it.

-Nox said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:4 months on this sub so far

I've turned THE WHOLE OF MY BEING in a healthy direction.

My skin is so smooth, incredible!

I'm going to continue with this sub for another 4 months and... maybe another 4 years, hahaha it's so awesome!

just joking, but honestly I don't know for how long I'll stick to it. It's a real deal, real deal...

-Pau Ko said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:So after trying E2 for about 4 months I decided to give subs a few weeks break and allow my mind to fully process and integrate the programming. I am pretty satisfied with E2 since starting it I have;

-Moved out of parents house into a rented accomodation
-Started self employed work, earning my own money
-Joining new clubs for sport
-Lowered general resistance to everything by about 50%

these thing seem small but they are very significant to me, I was stuck in a rut living with my parents pre E2 but just the other day I visited my parents and my mum commented on how much better I seemed in myself and the progress I had made, said "I can see it in your eyes, they're brighter"...

-AlphaScorpio said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:Hey guys I wanted to share my results so far. Small background on me, I've always been hyper-sensitive to emotions. My life has been a up and down roller coaster of emotions, I've never been stable/balanced. I also had a very weak sense of self, as in I didn't love who I was and was constantly shaming myself. After reading through the E2 check list, I figured I'd start here first since most of my problems stem from being overly-emotional (in the negative spectrum), felt like all the bad in my life was my fault, and I was ashamed and embarrassed to be me.

I wanted to heal the relationship that I have with myself, and find an emotional balance - a strong foundation of equanimity.

I've been using E2 for 95 days now (around 8-12 loops a day) and it's been an interesting experience.
I'll make a bullet point list of how I've changed sinced Day 1:

-During the course of the program I changed my diet to a more Pescatarian diet, I don't consume meat or dairy products. I became empathetic to the animals that are bred just to be consumed as food in those slaughter factories

-I've become a lot more emotional resilient. I'm interning at a company to become a software engineer, and everything the CTO has asked me to do, I did it. I was learning automated testing which is a topic I've never learned before. I went through so many hurdles to get it working over the course of a month - but the results? I learned it! E2 helped me stay calm, collected, and focused through the frustration of learning something new

- When I'm not through the resistance period of the sub, I feel like I'm exploding with positive energy, a good IDGAF vibe, being fun, and radiating awesome energy that I've seen countless times through other people's reactions when I'm interacting with them in this state. Everything is okay, there's nothing to worry about, I'm completely at ease. I'm in control, I feel like I can do anything - no inhibition, pure freedom to express myself.

- I used to be judgmental and opinionated towards others who I didn't feel were doing the right thing in their lives, this has gone down a lot so my perception of people is like "Hey your journey in life belongs to you, I wish you the best"

- Much more gratitude and appreciation for what I have. I also pray and wish the best for people and am grateful for other people's blessings.

- Throughout most of this sub, I was able to be chill with my dad - which I harbor most of my resentment towards for how mentally abusive he was through my life. Unfortunately just recently, he lashed out at me for another reason which wasn't really my fault, and this caused that resentment and deep anger to come back towards him - which I thought went away. It's leveled out now, so I just ignore him and don't talk with him.

- When I'm in the resistant state (which I am now currently), it's not as bad as the previous resistant state. It's like as I'm climbing out of the hole I've dug for myself, dirt is being thrown in so I don't fall further down, I can only go up towards a better life - there is no feeling of permanent regression, only growth.

- I've become more sensitive to my self-image, which has reflected in how well I take care of my hygiene and fashion.

- I've been clean off alcohol and drugs since August 14th, 2016. I started E2 Oct 21st, and it has helped me resist urges initially but now I'm completely not interested at all anymore. Most of my friends are heavy alcohol users, and I still hang out with them but temptation is no longer an issue. Funny enough, I've inspired them to cut down alcohol use and we've been doing more positive activities together like float therapy and massages.

- When I'm in the On-state, I smile and say hi to people and 100% (No exaggeration) of the time, they respond positively. Especially with girls. Whenever I'm out and chat with them, the girls are always engaged and happy around me. I know if I learned outer game techniques and developed my skill in that, dating would be easy. EX: One time my friend was with me in the car, I honked and waved at 2 hot girls jogging on the street and they all waved back. We were at the beach and two girls who were shooting photos of the ocean came and I talked with them and they wouldn't stop smiling back at me despite that I had to leave.

Another similar event occurred when I yelled something funny to a sales girl outside the clothing store, my friends were like "dude she's gonna think you're an idiot" and after I said the funny thing, the girl laughed and smiled at me and my friends got quite when I was like, "See? she LOVED it" and my friend who was with me earlier that day was like, "Yeah this happened to P (me) 4 times with other girls today".

I still have pangs of negative emotions, especially with anger, injustice, and self-worth but overall things have become much better.

-Geist said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid.

Quote:Hi everyone,

I am a mother of a teenager who is in need of a good study habit and general day to day organisational skills. My son didn't believe in subliminal messages so I thought I needed to prove it to him that they work.

On April 22nd, I downloaded the free EPRHA, mostly for myself with the purpose to clean up whatever emotional garbage that I have had for the past 40 odd years. I played the silent track at work and also at home in the lounge room, which means my son was exposed to EPRHA whenever he's in the lounge room.

I didn't create a journal for it, but overall, I can totally see the effects on me. By the beginning of June, I have forgiven all my exes and have become a much calmer person. I was a very optimistic person to start with, and now my half full glass is overflowing with confidence. I got a new job (dream job) offer a couple of weeks ago and everyone can see me smiling all the time! I can't thank Shannon enough for this!...

-Happy said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0

Quote:Day 17:

Woke up this morning with a great sense of personal power, haven't felt that in a while and the feeling is actually a bit superior to when I began therapy years ago to help with my PTSD that I got from being in Afghanistan. One thing is for sure, this sub Works wonders.

-Davismind91 said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:...I’ve been improving my self-care drastically in that area anyway but man it’s like I’m becoming almost obsessed with taking better care of myself on all levels. I predicted yesterday would be amazing and it was, today feels like it’ll be even better. Even walking into Walgreens, and then my building at work, everyone is responding to me well and I feel deeply greatful. I’m also talking more smoothly and calmly. It’s like I’m on an all natural high. Damn E2 lol.

-DavisMind91 said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:On friday I have runned E2 for 1 month. My meditation is becoming more enjoyable. I'm starting to enjoy taking cold showers. I have more energy. Things are lightening up.

Also some other stuff:

I am no longer so damn involved in trying to soothe/make other people feel better. They have their emotions and if they are suffering, it's not my problem. I don't mean that I wouldn't comfort a friend who had just broken up with his girlfriend, but more on a daily basis. I am pretty sensitive and have an ability to sense how other people are feeling, and adjust my behavior so that they feel better about themselves (my theory, which i am pretty sure of, is that this stems from having a mother who can't take care of herself emotionally, and thus as I child i learned that this is "how you should do" i.e. - take care of other peoples (my mothers in that case) suffering from their own emotions. So that is a deep thing that have been residing in me on a behavioral level and the confusion I have been feeling is probably that I need to adjust into a life where I'm not responsible for other peoples emotions.

I can see my mother trying to use "tricks" like using guilt or whatever to get me to become involved in her emotional states, but it doesn't work anymore and I guess i can thank E2 to that. I am more resiliant if you like, which is such a relief. It's a damn freedom. Imagine being more or less a slave under other peoples desire of you comforting them, and now you have the freedom to say NO (not litteraly but you get what i mean) and stick to taking care of yourself.

I am looking forward to this. To life. To taking care of myself. To take care of a job, my economy, my future home, my interest, my friends, my life. And not needing to take care of someone else. I'm done with that, I have been doing that for my whole life, without feeling guilty about it. Now I want to start living.

-Greenduck said this here
Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid 2.0.

Quote:To be honest, I don't remember how I felt before. But I felt pretty terrible before, and now I almost feel OK, and at moments pretty good.

-Greenduck said this here

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