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Title: E3 Journal
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Day 1

This is my first journal, I am gonna try to post regularly ,or at least when I can.

Last night I had 3 loops masked, and had pretty weird dream about my ex wife.
Practically, let's say it was end of world,and she haves only me (that's what she said),and yet the same thing happened like in the marriage ... her not caring about anybody else just herself...she left without me so long story short... I did the same thing I did here "on Earth", except I didn't give her any more chances to make things right ....And that is why she is my ex wife  Big Grin

In my dream I practically flyed (without any spacecraft or aereoplane) away at will all by myself.... Big Grin

Today I feel a bit more positive than usual...
Except from that....nothing new Big Grin

Btw upping a dose now on work for 3 loops ultrasonic on speakers, because I feel that I can handle more... and now feeling a little spaced out Big Grin
Day 2

what to say i upped the dose to 3x3 (don't do as I have done, find your own sweet spot)
, and it simply amuses me how fast it works Big Grin

I have been dreaming a lots of dreams that make me laugh afterwards cause i see now clearly lessons that I have learnt in the past the hard way(probably mini traumas) , and see right thru persons and circumstances...see the real and only truth underlying all the lies and facades....that usually took time to see....

and It simply amuses me....and the best part upon waking up, I laugh so hard that it is unbelievable to me Big Grin

The main thing why I am so happy upon waking up beside the subliminal instructions is the fact that I am certainly sure that the result of these dreams is clearing the past that is holding me up and blocking me to develop to my full potential as a person and a human being

For now, well done @Shannon, as I see it,
you created a masterpiece, and I would already recommend to everybody E3 as a starting point if they are serious in about making their life better.

(little update this morning.... 3x3 loops I think was too much, today woke up a bit tiered...will experiment with 2x3 loops)

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