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Title: Deservedness Sub
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Here is another article that focuses on deservedness:

Here is an interview I found on YouTube about deservedness:

A study I found about deservedness. It is titled “ I Don’t Deserve Love” Study Reveals The Destructive Impact Of A Lack Of Self-Worth”


I can relate to a lot of what this study says. Every time I am in relationship or friendship, I’m always like “How long is this going to last” “will this person like me?”

My own insecurities have created the very thing that I feared: rejection
[email protected]Shannon

Hey Shannon just a reminder now that FRM 4.9 is done, I wonder if this will be a feasible program to make now? 

I would not think it would take too long because it is a very specific topic. 

Who knows. 

Just thought I would remind you
I personally think deservedness is mostly about removing the blocks that prevent you from feeling you deserve whatever you want. It's mostly about removing the limiting and un-productive negative subconscious beliefs. That is the job of E4 and / or OFv2.
Once you get to a neutral point (in which you have neither negative, nor positive beliefs about your deservedness), you're already in a great position. If on top of this, you stack positive beliefs, you have a guaranteed road to success.
I am not sure how implanting positive beliefs works when you haven't gotten rid of the negatives.

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In my opinion deservedness is not automatically coming by removing fear but from having a positive self image, self esteem.

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