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Title: Better Marketing for Indigo Mind Labs
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I highly appreciate the ethics of IML, and the great contributions you make to your users. 

@Shannon's post on my "OF vs ASC vs Zen Mindset" thread and some others truly proves what @Benjamin  said on another forum I read the other day; "Shannon sometimes writes novels to help his customers". This is valuable beyond anything. Definitely way above average for any service we can purchase nowadays. 

So, I wanted to take this time and thank you by sharing a little knowledge of my expertise, and perhaps provide a little push to make you realize how much more you actually deserve. 

I'll start by translating a proverb a friend of mine has been repeating for a decade; "You exist only as much as you can market". You guys are the real deal in this business, yet, looking at the numbers like the member count of this forum, and the testimonials, you get way less attention than you deserve. So here are some basic tips you can start doing easily; 

1) Know how to utilize key people and piggyback. 
For instance, network with more hypnotists, meditation guides, personal development coaches, etc. 
How you collaborate with them can be revealed in time. A simple "Hi, I like what you do, and I would like to connect with you to explore any opportunities to collaborate in the future" is a fine opening line on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 
-- I believe you already know how to be selective in this manner. 
-- I believe you already know the importance of persistence as well. Do not let a few strange experiences/rejections stop you from contacting more and more key people. 
Sometimes just a like from them or re-share will bring you customers. Go ahead and network with 1000+ people as a challenge in the next 1 month. 

2) Display the amazing testimonials you have in more effective ways. 
-- Create a statistics box/banner like; 1000+ happy customers, 23 years of experience, 10+ life-changing products, etc. 
Put it big and visible on the shop, even on this forum. Link to testimonials page, which also mentions the forum and links to etc. 

-- Have a slider of user testimonials on the footer of the shop and the forum. This can go along with the banner mentioned above. 

3) Use call-to-action elements

http://www.subliminal-shop.com/customer-testimonials/ is a giant list of information, much like the collected testimonial threads in the forum. But where are the links that take the user to the product page? Maybe you think "oh sensible people would just go up and visit the store when they decide". Well, I wish the majority of the world was at that stage. I really do. But split tests over billions of people prove that we are not. Most people actually have really short attention spans and are already programmed to act in certain ways. Give them what they need. And I understand, with your ethics, it may seem annoying to push people to purchase, but think of it like a hand given to someone climbing to better tomorrow. It's okay as long as you have good intentions. 

4) Utilize social media and automate what you can. 
Where are your FB/Twitter/Pinterest pages? How about a simple blog? You could use medium.com to start without any fees and even get paid for your articles! A wordpress based indigo-mindlabs.com type of blog wouldn't be difficult either, and much more effective due to its countless tools/plugins which can aid for marketing too. 

-- Copy your amazing explanations from this forum to your blog with intriguing titles. 
-- Share them on Pinterest and Reddit to drive traffic to your blog, and from there gain more followers and people who end up at the shop. 
-- Use automation tools like hoot-suite, buffer, etc to keep your social media active. You don't really have to pay for the premium plans unless you're an agency, or things get really big. 
-- One of the best ways to keep your pages active is daily posts of small infographics or proverbs / quotes. Download ~100 infographics related to mind/personal growth from Pinterest, put them in a folder, use a tool to watermark all of them at once, schedule them for your pages in one sitting of 2 hours, and then you're good of 3 months. 
Just share your blog posts like once a week, that's way more than not doing it, and it'll bring more customers!
-- Be active in Facebook groups. Even just liking posts and commenting "true that" is big enough.  

5) Make discounts on special days. 
Oh right, why do even people increase a $100 product to $150, just to drop it back to 100? 
So annoying and shady! Well... it is what it is. Again, this is what the masses are already programmed to. 
IML's ethics simply don't compute with their realities. 

And here's the thing, you don't have to make big discounts. Think of it as a postcard to a beloved friend, that you thought of them on this special day. 
People either want to be cared for or simply be the biggest fish in the pond to feel better about themselves. Either way, a 10% or just a 5% discount on special days is huge! it's huge even if they don't use it. 
Like you could make it only for a new product that comes out, but that'll remind them of another product you have, and they'll go ahead and purchase. 

6) Distribute your blog articles and special deals through automated channels. 
Tailwindapp is one example, where you can join circles that'll share your posts in return of you sharing their posts. Hence, 10 people with 1k audience gets a 10k audience in total, etc. 

There are other platforms and apps like Stackposts or FSPoster plugin for Wordpress.

7) Analyse & focus your resources
- Setup Google Analytics for the shop and the forum. 
- Do 1 run of all the things above and perhaps more for 1 month
- Look at the analytics at the end of the month, ignore the 80% of the least beneficial ones, still keep them a little active but give 10% of your attention to them. Focus the remaining 90% of your attention to the 20% of the channels that actually worked the best. 
- Repeat. 


I will be improving this post when I have more time.  
While I hate FB, I have also come to accept that every business needs it nowadays.

I would also suggest to rework the web site, I find it hard to navigate and not at all “sexy”. Once I got to know the products and Shannon and learned to navigate it, it became a non issue but I bet it scares off a lot of potential new users. In fact, I was one of those - I found the web site many years ago but walked away and forgot about it. I eventually came back because I found the bookmark hidden somewhere and, boy, am I glad I did, but that’s not going to happen to many potential customer.
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(03-26-2021, 10:29 AM)fab10 Wrote: I bet it scares off a lot of potential new users.

Yeah I read exactly that on the forum where I saw Benjamin posted about how Shannon writes novels for his customers. Some user said that he didn't trust the products because the website was not user-friendly.

Now, a sensible person should know that is a ridiculous correlation. However, we're back to masses and their understandings; first impression matters. 

A) Remember that super hot babe that turned out the be crazy. [most sites]
B) Remember that below-average babe, who turned out to be hotter than any woman you saw once she took off her clothes. [IML now] 
C) Remember that hot babe, that turned out to be wife-material with her everything [what IML should be]
These informations are definitely helpful and NEEDED, I really don't understand IML may do better advertising and better design of shop etc, of course this is not our problem but I would like to see more customers coming and buying, using, giving reviews about subs.

Doing business is at least 50 percent advertising, no matter how good your stuff is, if people don't know about them, they will not be able to buy them,
Also shop site could be more appealing
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"To be able to shape your future, you have to be WILLING and ABLE to CHANGE YOUR PARADIGM." - Joel Barker
All of the suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated from all of you. And believe it or not, we are working on it. Just keeping it quiet for now. There are very good reasons why we haven't done these things already, and those reasons amounted to us basically being literally unable to move n anything we wanted to do for various reasons that nobody really cares about. However, that period of time is ending, and I now have a way out of this situation which we are acting on and developing as we speak. It just isn't ready to unveil yet.

Once we have the most pressing changes accomplished, we are going to be climbing the ladder to accomplishing the other changes we need to do. We have for years now been dealing with quite incredibly ridiculous circumstances that kept us unable to do more than what we have done. I mean stuff that would be about the same odds and impact as winning the lottery, but negative. Were it not for those things and the cycles I spoke of frequently that caused them, we would be a lot better known by now.

But it wasn't all bad. It gave me time to significantly develop my skills, abilities and technologies before we become widely known, which will give us a better first impression.

The very moment we had options, we started working towards implementing them. But the first goal is basically moving a mountain, and it's taking time and a lot of work, even with having hired help to accomplish it. That one task is going to solve a lot of our current issues, including the PayPal issue that we have so far tried and failed to fix several times and several ways now. In the not too distant future, things are going to change for the better. A lot. And then we'll be free to actually do all the things you guys are suggesting.

Thank you for the suggestions, the concern and your patronage. We definitely appreciate all of it.
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