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Title: Marketing suggestion for EHPRA 2.0 for new customers
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I took a look at the product page for EHPRA 2.0 in the eyes of a customer not familiar with subliminals, 5,5 generation technique or the optimus engine. Someone who maybe is depressed, looking for a solution to his/her problem, have went to psychologists, suffered for a long time - well you get the picture.

That person may look at the page, which look very professional, but is also very detailed and technically phrased, which may cause the person to be filled with even more questions and confusion.

So, to make the product more available for people in need, maybe the product page could have a short introduction text, explaining that this is a product that can be used to help for depression, loss, etc. Just something that is not so dense, but easier to grasp for an "outsider" with no previous subliminal use.

I think it would be a great benefit for many people coming to the page, and maybe generate som new customers.

Seconded. I think the DMSI description can be tweaked too.
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