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Title: Base journal Chirs
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Stage 01 Day 03

I spend all day studying. I am doing various things such as coding, major study, and economic study. Until now, I've usually been like that, but now I feel good because I understand 100 times better and as if I've become a genius.

There are few outstanding entrepreneurs my contury so I think I will be the highest-level entrepreneur if I continue the 7th stage after 1st~6th stage.

Various emotional emotions and quality of sleep have improved a lot, relieving brain fatigue and improving emotionally.

And people treat me like a VIP, so I hope I do that on all stages.

Even though the productivity has increased by 100 times, there are so many things to do, so I think I can do things that would have taken 10 years if I hadn't used the base!
stage 1 day 05 no fap no game day 01

I got rid of a lot of bad habits.

I am always studying related to work.

All the bad feelings are disappearing.

Families who have previously had a harmful effect on me are not doing much damage.
stage 1 day 06

I'm here on day 6 for the first time.

Now, I'm getting more and more mentally stable and free from trauma and bad feelings.

When I use base, not only me but also my family and girlfriend seem to be doing well.

It's been giving me many good effects since AM6.
So far, I've done a lot of things because of my desire to succeed in a hurry, but I've realized that going slowly in stages is the fastest and best way.

I've prepared a lot for years to become an entrepreneur, and I'm going to play the base leisurely and do it step by step. I recommended the latest version of ltu to my girlfriend, and I think the result is very good.

I'm always grateful to Shannon for improving my life more than 100 times!

The learning ability is not immediately (Ums' learning ability was really great) but it's improving significantly (it's 10 times faster, more accurate and longer than without base)

And the biggest reason I use base is because I'm good at dealing with people, and I'm getting good treatment from people.

I've already prepared a lot of skills and quality content to become an entrepreneur, but the problem is that I don't get the right treatment for my skills (I didn't get $10 for a product worth $500 before)

This time, it will improve step by step in every way, and I am looking forward to it because I think I will be treated properly by my value.

Three or four days after the start, it's very painful, and sometimes I ride on an emotional roller coaster, but after a few hours, it feels really fun because it improves my emotions and everything.

I made tarot cards, various related studies and products, and now I am studying astrology deeply.

When I made the product, I got a lot of help from Shannon's book.

I think I'm making up for some of the areas that I've been lacking in order to succeed.

And I don't know what other people are like, but I think I'm good at balancing work and life.(Of course, more than 90 percent of human relationships are family and girlfriends. I just enjoy my hobby a little and have some time to relax.)

To be honest, if I study and work with determination, I think I can easily do it for about 10 hours a day. However, I think I need to take a break from the current situation, so I'm taking a break.

I think I'm changing my life routine more efficiently, and focusing more and more on becoming an entrepreneur. I also studied materials related to entrepreneurship.

When I was a kid, I did a lot of things that encouraged me to become an entrepreneur.
Until I become a billionaire in the future, I run the base! I think I will continue to use Step 7 after Step 1 through Step 6 or Step 7 after Step 1 through Step 6 for the rest of my life.

The first target is the Astrology Empire.
I think I'm growing up to become an entrepreneur one by one.

Usually, I read books or study related to my major to become an entrepreneur.

I'm looking forward to how I'll become a successful entrepreneur.

I think I will carry out a plan one by one to make various social good aspects.

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