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Poll: Are you doing nofap?
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4 40.00%
Thinking about it
2 20.00%
Yes - under 100 days
4 40.00%
Yes - under 355 days
0 0%
Yes - over 365 days
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Title: Are you doing "nofap"?
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Hi guys!

I'm currently on day 46 on nofap - not watching porn or masturbating and coupled with E2 it have made me to have more energy, less anxiety. It's a tough ride to break the habit of looking at porn for over 14 years but it's well worth it. Anyone else doing it? For how long? Which effects have it brought to you?
Been trying for 6 years. Made it 22 days twice and 15 days Thrice. After that relapse every 3-4 days.
Yes, I’ve all but quit porn and the associated activity. Funny thing is, I never set out to and I really don’t care. I just want to less and less as I use USLM longer.
Even on 3.3.1-D I broke my streak but didnt care about it lots. More of an "oh I relapsed, whatever" kind of attitude, only to proceed with all like nothing happened. Even the wall didnt seem flawless. As a matter of experience, it was a "once you break it, it doesnt function 100% anymore" thus being back on nofap.

Now that I truly commited to it, lots of other dopamine urges in other forms come to the surface and are put in the spotlight. Once you recognize it in pmo being cravings/urges/withdrawls, its all dopamine. Im in a sort of hardmode. Not seeking the stimulous. Am now on day 6.

Results: more energy. More fun. Confidence. Reduction of guilt. Dealing with anything else aswell. Life is more vivid, seduction ( aswell as self-seduction)  gets more easily. Im channeling the energy in business, goals, socializing, building life up further and going through a h/c nofap phase. I would go as far tgat, yes, keep taking action just because and as a rewiring kind of thing, but also go as far as through no pmo, it becomes effortless, like it was "ment" to be. Kinda limiting thinking now that I think about it. 

Anyways, im good. Im feeling good and benefits are already popping up more and more clear. My limitations seem to circle around black white thinking. One or the other while breaking free results in both. 

Im not even counting the days. Maybe I should for shits and giggles.

Im becoming way more authentic and have seen what underneath it. 

My longest streak has been 60+ yet I still looked at porn without the O. I did masturbate still but half assed, as in, breaking it pretty sure off after starting out of sheer not seeing the use in it, yet kept sort of chasing.

Im literally forcing replacement with rl. Girls and man o man does it feel good, and does design goals feel so damn real.
Happy to hear your progress Kol. I know the struggle, it's really an ingrained habit if you have done it for a longer time to release stress and other uncomfortable emotions. As I progress I feel life is more vivid as you explain it, and things feel more real. I am more in touch with life around me, instead of being lost in the endless circles of internal turmoil and constantly trying to compensate for whatever reality would hit me with.

I'm currently on day 60 (woho! 30 days left to the first milestone at 90 days) and I can tell you it have been quite a journey in itself to let go of the habit, but it have definitely been worth it. Along with E2 still working I feel more like I was younger, life feels more exciting and natural. And I think I radiate more of myself as I notice girls are more interested in me, I guess that the shame and guilt part of myself has become much smaller and that is probably also helping.
Thank you Greenduck. Im sold on it now. Cutting it out without compromise adds to my life quality. No cheating or peaking. Pure replacement and rise of quality in life. Carrying it over in all areas and transmutating the energy in everything else. Business, traveling, reading, gym, social life, life itself, healthier food choices, the list goes on. 

I have lots of similar benefits. 

Im breaking a habit of 10+ years. A girl seduced me into it lol through teasing. Did bang her back then tho ( great story actually )

My dreams are also easier to remember and getting up to seize the day is here. My sleep is actually improving aswell.

Its craaaaaazy how much we are kept in a state of dopamine flooding and kept being needy. ( pmo, fastfood, television, social media/instagram likes etc etc ). It definitely kept me in a zombie like state. Nice guy because there was no fuel behind to get the engine go and thus being a drained mindfogged vegetable. Because I was drained and thus creating a mirrage of life declination. ( scarcity is a bitch ) no will whatsoever. 

Life is good. People hitting me up out of the blue, facebook bein flooded by lots of friendrequests the list goes on. 

Its on.

Congrats on the 60 day milestone!

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