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Title: Alpha Male
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A few things to jot down

-I was more confident than usual at a family cookout. It was actually pretty fun. That's a big deal to me because around my family I am usually most nervous.
-I'm taking charge of my social life. Asking people to hang out instead of waiting around for them.
-Yesterday I was more proactive than usual. Sort of a get shit done attitude.
It's great that you were more confident around your family, a lot of good business can be done wit them. Glad you're getting shit done Alec Smile Appreciate the updates.


Stage 2 Day 2

This last week at school has been marvelous. I have changed so much since last year it's unbelievable. Before I was anxious, uptight, and had an ocean of suppressed anger. During the last school year I understood the concepts of the alpha male. Now my behaviors and ideas are starting to become inseparable.

For one, I'm starting to realize B.S.. I'm thinking for myself and I'm challenging the knowledge that has been given to me since I was born.

I get things done. Procrastination has been diminished a great deal.

People wanna be around me more often.

I push myself to be courageous.

When I want something, I usually ask.

I'm learning I don't have to entertain anyone. I can just relax and I'm becoming more comfortable with silence.

The biggest one for me is I'm becoming more at peace with being assertive. I've been raised my entire life not to be assertive. I do not think my parents did it intentionally, it's just that I've been too "nice." So here is the story that goes along with this. A few days ago I posted something on twitter. This one girl made a sarcastic remark. I was assertive yet very polite. Which is amazing because before I would have been too crushed to even respond. I expected her to be mad at me, because she is a "popular" girl and popular girls usually do whatever they want, but when I saw her at the football game the next day she was overjoyed to see me. She gave me a big hug and asked to take a picture with me.

That was pretty cool.

There is still work to be done, but right now I'm pretty happy.
haha what is it with girls and their pictures man?

Great stuff Alec looking forward to seeing more updates in future
Taking pictures with someone is a way of using their status to increase your own. Usually it's guys who try to get pics of themselves with multiple hot girls. When a popular or hot girl does it, it's a great sign that she thinks you're awesome.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
stage 2 Day 9

The first week of stage 2 has beaten me up. It's generated lots of anger mostly. At around Friday I started to turn the corner to a more positive state. I have noticed myself disconnect from the negativity of others. Which is really nice. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm pretty sure I had something else to say but I forget.

But on a side note that one girl from my previous post said she was gonna ask me to homecoming. For everyone who doesn't know what homecoming is.. It's basically a dance high schools have in America. It's after a home football game. And the entire week before we decorate the hallways and stuff. It's pretty fun.
I'm accepting all parts of myself, and my wild and easily interpretive dreams are reflecting that. Wieeeeerd dreams. At the friendly-zombie-baby level.

Acting more sexual with girls.
Lol @friendly-zombie-baby level. And how sexual are you getting with girls?


(09-16-2013, 04:46 PM)Fonzy3 Wrote: Lol @friendly-zombie-baby level. And how sexual are you getting with girls?



well, just words and some touching. But for me that's a huge improvement from where I was. To give you some perspective, I've only talked to 2 girls in my entire life, seriously, before alpha.
feeling really needy, and Angry lately. Got into a big fight with my brother and I held my ground. Other than that stage 2 has been nearly all negative. So. Damn. Needy.
Been feeling pretty happy lately. Not caring what people think of me more, had homecoming last night and danced my butt off. Most fun homecoming ever, hardly any feelings of self consciousness. Over the week I had some glimpses of who I really want to be. Which is really nice, I'm improving a bunch. Even though stage 2 sucked I can tell it helped a lot.
Hey, quick question. When can I add OF.
Okay so last day of good old stage 3.

Annnnyways lets start from the beginning. Stage 2 was really tough so i was coming in kinda demoralized and bummed out, but to my surprise stage 3 wasn't so bad. In the beginning it was suuuper easy. It was like I wasn't even using the program. I actually didn't think about the subliminal at all until like day 17 or so. Basically it was just good days, slowly and steadily recovering and adding confidence since the stage 2 struggle. Btw, since stage 2 i have felt more solid so I guess it removed some shit.

Anyways, I had a few nice little realizations like, hot girls are people too! Who woulda thunk it! hahaha but seriously, I never really thought about it to much. I always thought they were higher up or something. I realized that they are genetic accidents just like everyone else. All the looks they have are kinda random, not really good or bad. It's just kind of arbitrary which looks society says are good. I can like certain features of a girl and stuff its just not as needy I guess. Idk if anyone is gonna get what I'm tryin to say or not, it's kinda hard to explain right now. Even though i had that little epiphany I still tend to put girls pedestal.

Then It got kinda rough after about day 20. I started to go back to my stage 2 dumps. Whatever though, I pushed through not a big deal. I also realize I don't really care about being an "alpha male" or the "alpha male" i had pictured in my head. I think I had a warped idea of the concept to begin with.

Today my emotions started to turn around. I'm feeling alright. I can't wait to see what stage 4 brings me.
Good job, man.

I am looking forward to your updates of Stage 4.

I am currently approaching the end of Stage 1. From your experience is it normal that I am not feeling social at all? I avoid going out..

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