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Title: Alpha Male (Multiple Versions)
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Alpha Male V6.

Quote:AM6 - Bloom Stage:

obviously this isn't an actual stage I'm using but there's been many unexpected effects since I stopped listening almost a week ago:

- My sense of humor has returned and it's better than ever. Everything from what I say to even the timing of my jokes has improved.

- I socialize even easier with both men and women and conversations just flow.

- My divorce is finalized but even after everything, my now ex-wife still expressed that she still wants to be with me, and is still affectionate towards me.

- Many people the past week, even men, have expressed how as soon as I come in contact with them, they feel a powerful and positive energy coming from me that makes them want to open up and talk to me, which not everyone gives them that feeling.

- I can tell more women at work are developing a crush on me, and my looks from women everywhere are increasing. I catch several staring at me everyday now.

- I am highly motivated and productive, even more so than before. I'm breaking personal records at work in regards to productivity.

- I've refined my diet even more and I'm losing weight consistently.

- Even when people annoy me, I find ways to laugh them off.

- I'm more outspoken and literally don't care who hears me say how I feel about something or someone, positive or negative.

- Even when people make fun of me for something, I join in and laugh at myself too.

- Even coworkers who barely spoke to me some months back are now opening up to me and being more generous.

- I've had two people offer me business opportunities which I'm researching at the moment. Looks like I don't have to wait until next year to step back into the business world.

- My self-discipline in general has also sky rocketed as far as taking action and procrastinating very little or not at all.

- I've easily become twice as assertive if not more.

- My confidence could probably be compared to a celebrity's.

- My voice, which was already masculine has become even more so.

For now, that's all I recall but there may be other things I haven't even noticed, or just don't recall right now. Seeing the results from just one run, it's hard to imagine how this sub can be improved besides finding a way to cut down on daily listening time, and still seeing the same impact of results. Bravo Shannon, you did a hell of a job with this one.

-Davismind91 said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:...It also feels like stage 2 has given me more permission to be me. Poorly worded, but that is how I feel now. A few days ago I felt this huge internal weight lift off of me that I didn't even know I had on me in the first place. When I felt it lift it was surprising and refreshing all at the same time.

During stage 2 a seemingly unrelated, but probably not, phenomenon also happened. I have much more control of the part of myself where my beliefs come from. For the longest time that part of me seemed out of reach and out of control, making long term change and breaking of any habits long and difficult or seem just flat out impossible. Now I feel like I have control of that part of me. It also seems like my emotional and subconscious part of me is now more cooperative. Before this it seemed like my subconscious and emotions were rebelling against a "parent", which was logic and seeing the best path by said logic. Now there is more dialogue between the parts of myself. I also have more understanding for the illogical parts of myself and have embraced the mystery of the duality of logic/illogic operating at the same time and how that plays out internally. Funny, it seems like the part of me that was rebelling was probably due to the feeling of not being in control of myself, a feeling that has dissipated during stage 2.

Confidence is up and a few days ago my posture, style of walking, and body language had a dramatic, but seemingly natural shift. I walk with my shoulders up but not tense now.

Last but not least, I feel like I was born to become an alpha male. AM6 just released my self imposed limitations.

-Wharrgarbl said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:So... light speed progress right now, might be the so called super powers of no fap.. Today of course I saw the girl that was my big crush for the last few years.. she is the one I fell in love with but she consantly friendzoned me. We did everything together but because I insisted to have something with her she moved away only seeing me as a friend..we lost almost all contact only hearing from each other once in a few months maybe over text.. But of course today she started texting and basically started apologizing about acting weird when we met.. Then she started talking about some old memories.. nothing special.. BUT then she brought up that one time when me and here were actually kissing and hugging a little bit on the pool.. It was the most sexual we ever got.. Out of all the memories we had she brought up that one and said that was a great time..

Now lets put this into perspective.. A month ago, I was not able to talk to her for more than a few texts.. Today she bombarded me all day with old photos and memories.. Even when I gave her nothing to answer to she kept the conversation going.. She even asked me if I have a girlfriend now, another thing she would never ask me in the past. And I didnt even answer it Smile

Exciting times.. A month ago I had no girl to talk to even though I had all the social media accounts.. I was just a chronic masturbator with no ability for any normal realtionship with women.. After only a little over one month of this challenge I feel like I am THE SHIT! And women that used to ignore me now tell me the same thing thru their body language and there comunication with me..

I mean if one month brought so much change without subliminals even starting to make the real change I think this might be one epic ride. I am more and more aware that this 6 months might turn me into a person I always wanted to be.


-Agent2306 said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:I thought I should give a quick update.

I bought this subliminal just over 5 and a half years ago. I have done a full run through 4 times and listened to stage 7 for probably more than a year in total. I have experienced the highest highs and lowest lows of my life during these past 5 and a bit years, all of which I can safely say have had to do with the growth journey that AM6 has put me on.

5 and a half years later, for the first time, I can safely say that I have achieved the goals of the program that do not have to do with attracting women. Persistence pays off.

There has been a lot of work to do. What was old had to be broken down and reshaped to be rebuilt into the person that can achieve the goals of the program. So many damaging beliefs to dismantle. So many walls that I built to protect myself to break down. So many lessons to learn about empathy. So many damaging beliefs about women, that resulted in negativity that was reflected back, to let go of. All to prepare me for the love of a woman, whose love saved me and helped me achieve these goals.

-Ffaux said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:Stage 4 day 12

I am receiving IOI's almost every girl I saw, although it seems some strange, they are displaying IOI's whom are older than me (30-45 y.o) with some fear I guess. they are acting like uncomfortable with the situation but giving IOI's either.

Its still continues and I guess this became solid in me, that everybody I interact, acting really nice and polite to me.

Younger girls, or same age as me, smiling, looking at me very frequntly. Today a girl was just smiling me and looking all around me,
Another girl told me that I have a very genuine smile, unforced smile. I think this was a compliment.

with that told, I feel like these behaviours I am seeing are because of my behaviours, my beliefs and my thoughts about me, I am feeling like this right now.

-tolgaocal80 said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:The AM refresher is intense. 4 weeks in I’m still having crazy, exciting and adventurous dreams. This doesn’t usually last this long into a new sub run. On a more serious note this is the most I’ve been excited about my life in a long time. I can’t wait to see how much this sub impacts my life over the remainder of my planed three month run. I’ve had to significantly increase my food intake to be able to handle this sub. I’m getting good results only listening to around 3-4 repetitions per day. I jump up out of the bed in the mornings ready to take on the day.

A very attractive neighbor of mine came over this weekend and she seemed to respond to me way different than normal. I talked to her for a decent amount of time. She seemed interested in me. Even though she was a lot hotter than most girls that normally talk to me, internally I felt like whatever.

I feel like there is the potential of a lot of beautiful companions that could come into my life right now or in the near future. While at the same time not really being worried about whether they do or not, I just want to focus on getting better at everything I can every day.

As I previously mentioned this is the first exposure to AM that I have every had while being single, not sure I realized how powerful this was when I ran it during a relationship.

-Tao374 said this here
Alpha Male V6.

Quote:It's been a long while since I've updated this, mainly because I decided to just jot down privately anything significant that happened each day, rather than do an actual journal (I didn't have time what with work, socialising, doing the Meditation course etc). I'm now midway through stage 6, and am utterly convinced that Shannon's subs work, and work WELL!!

So, a brief run down of what has happened in the last six months:

1. Massively increased confidence in all areas of life.
2. I care about what my family and friends think of me, but have little interest in what anyone else thinks. I also seem to be getting on far better with my family and close friends.
3. I have been told numerous times how laid back I have become (prob the Zen attitude kicking in?)
4. I hardly ever watch television anymore, preferring instead to read, meditate, go out or try and do something creative.
5. Two of my best friends have told me how I seem to have matured (they don't know about the subs).
6. I find it very easy to talk to women. I've had comments that I'm "well groomed/hot", plus I notice far more women checking me out. On two occasions I've had women come and approach me, making their intentions quite obvious.
7. I'm eating far healthier food.
8. I don't take shit off anyone.

There are other things that have happened, but I thought I'd break it down into the main points.

Overall I am very happy with the results, and would like to thank Shannon for creating such an amazing course! It truly is life changing!

I think I might run stage 7 for a month, before I move onto Sex Magnet. Then after Sex Magnet, maybe BASE (although I'm getting ahead of myself now haha!).

-Buz said this here

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