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Title: Alpha Male 2011 4G
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I’ll try to make this as short as possible Lmao. My name is Rick and I have been lurking on the forum for some months now. I started out using some of your subs a little bit at a time like BIAW 7.1 and ASC. After a bit of time listening to them I could see the influence they had over me and I was quite impressed. I took a leap of faith and bought AM 2011 which had the new tech that seemed to give a real kick to the subs. At first I thought it would be a waste of money considering I had no interest in actually being alpha and that my singular goals were far from what this set was meant to achieve.

First stage was very nice as my negativity was simply kicked aside. It didn’t mean I couldn’t think a bad thought but my mind became quick to changing gears to either neutral or more positive stand points. It gave me the first glimpse of what it was like to have solid self esteem.

Second stage was a bit more how shall I say so smooth I didn’t realize what it was doing for me. I certainly became more daring and bold during the time saying and doing things out of character for me. Even in this early stage I gained some status in my respective college courses and actually became very likeable oddly enough. People started to take notice of me and listen to me more. My frequency of social stuttering and hiccups lessened tremendously.

Third stage was the most awful thing that ever reared its head. If I ever do the set again I hope it wont be as gut wrenching and downright Exorcist like as if purging a demon out of me. I was in Europe for most of this stage and I’m one of the types that feels slighted by any little annoyance or aggression people imposed one me. I got agitated constantly by everything and I was more disrespectful to my mom during the first 2.5 weeks than I’ve ever been in my whole life and I’m saying that from a standpoint where I’m usually very combative with her anyway. I know this stage was the most integral as it dealt with my pettiness and complaining attitude that I’ve always been known to use. I’ve always been reactive to the world and this stage made my core simply blow up in my face and make me realize subconsciously that getting angry at every little inconvenience in my life helped me in no way whatsoever and just stressed me out even more.

Fourth stage was like stage 2 flying under the radar quite a bit. My self confidence continued to materialize and my steadiness towards problems and issues continued to smooth out as stage 3 had only given me the aggressive rough around the edges persona with basic mental fortitude which wasn’t enough to be alpha in itself.

Fifth stage was a bit annoying as I did become aggressive and quite angry at myself at times as was seen when I were to play a handball game that didn’t go my way and I would let the disappointment get the best of me. I had some tantrums but most of the time I started to weather the storm.

Sixth stage I had begun to thought that the fight was over considering this was the polish that brought everything together. I was wrong as I had many down or more like demoralizing days where I felt somewhat helpless for a couple hours. Other days I felt quite invincible in my own right as people showed me the respect and courtesy which a time ago I never thought I would have.

All in all I came from a personality of being a INFP which is very creative and giving and helpful in its own right. The problem is I never knew how to say no or how to be anything but a people pleaser. For the past 2 years I was painfully withdrawn not wanting anything to do with the world for the way it treated me. But with this set under my belt I finally did away with a loser friend who would always betray me to lesser friends and would only drag me down as I was his perfect enabler. I’ve realized my potential, feel more driven than I’ve ever felt, and most of all comfortable in my own skin (which to me is the most pure type of sexiness to possess).

Shannon even though you do this as a trade I consider you a MAN among men. You do a great service to fellow males struggling with life and women in general.

Damn good rendering man. It is more appreciated than you may ever know. it ONLY encourages me to go forth when the time is right for me to begin the Alpha Male program. IM already an Alpha naturally but know full hell well theres some refining to do and 'smoothing' out some of the rough around the edges stuff,not entirely but more refined ,as such. Thank you again Man. More power to ya and keep up da good work. Nc-Bear-Eating-Man. Growlzzz.
Thanks for the write up, Subeternal, I appreciate it. Good stuff. I have been running through this set every year since I created it in 2006 (2008 was the first public release) and it's been worth the effort. I am doing things right now that I could not have hoped to do when I started, or even a few years ago. Give it a run for a few years in a row and see what you think. Smile
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Why Does People Who Use AM5 Become Depressed In Stages 4 and 5??
It depends on your personality and where you are right now, your current level. If a guy never go out and is super shy it's more probable he will get depress when using alpha.

I think they get depress even during the last stage because they have too much resistance. They come from a background more beta so the fight is harder/longer. The more far away you are from the goal the longer it will take to get there.


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