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Title: A Year of DMSI
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Day 0

Tomorrow, I shall begin listening to DMSI, according to the suggested listening schedule (seven days on, three off).

I have written a list of my sexual goals for the coming year, and I intend to use DMSI, and no other subliminal, for an entire year. 

The reason this makes so much sense to me is because I realize that my sexual expression and satisfaction and pleasure is important to me, and more important to me now than it has been for the past few years. So, I am going to devote myself, for 365 days, to having all the sexual experiences that I wish to have, inasmuch as it seems good to me.

I am looking forward to documenting my experience, both in terms of new sexual partners, and in terms of the experiences which are mine existentially along the way.

This kind of prioritization of my sexual experience and satisfaction has been too long either sidelined, put off, or set aside as though it's not important enough to get my full attention. I feel that the most authentic thing I can do right now, in addition to keeping my life on track per my chosen daily practices/work schedule, is to become the most sexually satisfied man I can be!

Of course, if DMSI updates become available during this year, I shall gladly switch to the newest one available. I am starting with 3.3.1-D, as it's the newest at the moment.

Thank you Shannon, in advance, for creating a tool which we can use to achieve what we desire in this area of life.
Day 1

Today, I had some trouble starting my listening. I had purchased a new mp3 player, which I tested one week ago, and found to work perfectly, and to sync well with my bluetooth headphones. Today, the brand new mp3 player would stop at the ten second mark, never playing any further! I am going to send it back for a refund, and instead I am using my old cell phone as a dedicated mp3 player. That way, calls from my primary phone will not stop the recording while I listen.

I see the failure of a piece of technology I had planned to use for DMSI almost exclusively as an expression of some last minute resistance on my part, which I am now giving up; this freedom feels good and righ!

I notice that I am feeling sleepy during the day, which is not what I expect typically, because I got plenty of rest last night (or so I thought). The sleepy feeling could be my body getting used to the DMSI. Also, I notice that I am feeling energy and warmth moving through my body, as a very pleasant, light, and yet also strong, full-body sensation. I an enjoying this! It seems to have a healing impact, and I am aware of body heating itself, even though the room is cool when I am indoors.

About ten days from now, I will begin another screen-writing class, and I noticed that I felt scared about whether my screenplay is going to be good enough. I am scared of writing fiction, although I am an old hand and quite comfortable with writing virtually any kind of non-fiction. However, I am meant to become masterful at writing fiction, hence, I am taking courses that require me to do such work.

As I reflected on DMSI and how it is already impacting me, I knew that I would need to show myself as competent and ready to do all the work needed to deliver a screenplay I am truly pleased with for this next class. There is no room for me to do work that is anything less than I am happy to put my name on, and I felt that DMSI, in some way, had me see this so clearly. That is, I saw that being "less than" in my own head is simply not an option for me, as that has had the power to stop me from getting what I want with women, and my use of DMSI is a reflection of the reality that I am going for what I authentically wish to have in my life, in the best way I know how, at the moment.
Day 2

Today, I noticed much stronger feelings in my body, of solidness, and completely being at peace with myself physically.

What surprised me the most, is how different I was for myself while practicing. I am a musician, and as both a singer and pianist, I am entirely shifted today - in a way I like very much, but would find hard to explain in words.

I am in a warmer, more musical body, without my playing being like a compensation for that I don't really like myself, I find that everything I do musically has become more satisfying and beautiful (for me), overnight. This, in turn, means that my practice time is much more beneficial musically, as well as much more enjoyable personally.

Unexpected results of DMSI!

Also, I am surprised at how much more hungry I feel than I do usually.

Sleep feels deeper, and as though my entire nervous system is resting from the work it's being doing to integrate the new suggestions for my growth.

I strongly suspect that the ways in which I shall improve this year will be far beyond greater sexual satisfaction alone!

Day 3

Today I was flirting with two women I met through Tinder. I notice that I have much less fear of losing either one of them, and I am owning my sexuality much more, neither feeling that I have to flaunt it, nor hide it away.

My body seems to be getting used to DMSI, which is nice. Still eating lots!

Also, I feel so ready for sleep at night, moreso than I usually do, which is good for me generally.
Day 4

Today, I walked around and noticed that I got strong head turn/eye contact type responses from women.

Also, I am feeling quite tired and ready for sleep again at bedtime (which is presently). This feels good, like my body and soul has been doing important work. I feel surprisingly satisfied by this aspect of my learning process.
Day 5

Today is the first time I listened to DMSI while sleeping. It does make the day seem freer, without having to wear headphones for 9 hours. I have good speakers set up, so I am sure this is about as effective as daytime listening with headphones.

I do notice the feeling that things are being reorganized inside my body and soul. There is an expansion around my chest, and I also notice that I am feeling a bit tired from the process, but enjoying it and feeling pleased with it just the same. I find that I am approaching my life and my tasks with a more joyful, open, freedom and that I am worrying less about the work I have to do. On the very last loop, the feeling of fatigue is stronger, as though I am about to finish a long race, but I am also excited to cross that finish line! Something is certainly happening, though I don't understand it.

Also, my body seems to be responding quite well to this process, as I am feeling physically stronger, and both my appetite for food and sleep is increased - which is generally quite enjoyable on both counts. (Getting enough deep sleep at night has been something I've resisted for years, in favor of staying up late reading. No desire to do this anymore, because my body is just ready to sleep when it's time, as is my soul/personality!)

I've become inspired to bring much more attention to whatever I am doing, in order to maximize the experience of living, as well as to optimize my progress and learning.
Great journal.
Day 8

Today is my first day since I've started that doesn't include DMSI. I got plenty of sleep last night, and I took a long nap this afternoon. Whew, this program is certainly making me feel something! I would say it's a good feeling, even though it is taking my body a while to integrate whatever is going on here with my soul, and extra sleep seems important now.

I had a friend and lover - incidentally, someone I had to "demote" this week, because I decided that although sex with her is quite good, and despite that she's been a good friend to me, I perceived that her behavior and attitude towards me of late has left far too much to be desired - tell me that she sees my face in front of her when we are not together. This is not something that I've been told by lovers in the past, and this could very well be DMSI working.

As I was walking today, I stopped to enjoy a view of the sea. An attractive young woman who was walking quickly at right angles to my path, and who clearly didn't see me in her line of vision, stopped dead in her tracks, turned to her right (which is where I was standing) and then walked on after about ten seconds or so of looking right at me. This, I suspect, is also DMSI working.

Most women seem to be turning their heads to look at me quite obviously, or on the other hand, working hard NOT to acknowledge my presence in any way, which can be another response to an exceptionally sexually attractive man.

It will be interesting to see what the next two days of DMSI rest will be like, before I get back into using the program again, per the 7 days on, 3 days off protocol.

Listening at night has been working for me. I'd say that the intensity, which does make me feel tired, is actually helping me to get deeper sleep - provided that I go to bed early. It works best for me to go to bed between 9 and 10 pm anyway, so this is supportive of my overall ideal schedule.
Day 9

I am soon to return to listening to DMSI for the next seven days.

In the three day pause from listening, I have noticed a marked uptick in the number of women messaging me on apps like Tinder, and I have gotten more messages via a dating website I use as well. This has been a surprise, and must be DMSI working, because the messages are in much greater volume, and as well as from hotter, younger women than I am used to.

Something about this is working!
Day 16: First New meowmeow On DMSI

I had a guest, a Russian girl from out of town come to visit for the past three days.

I had no intention of having sex with her. She is friends with a friend of mine, and we talk about art, life, music, and philosophy, but I was not particularly interested in her sexually. However, she's very nice and interesting, and I had the idea that she would benefit from a visit to the city where I live, which is extremely important and historically interesting, to her individual soul and life path.

Suffice to say, I was prepared to have a nice time with an interesting friend, see the sights of the city where I live through someone else's eyes, and go to one of the paradise-like beaches which are within about 90 minutes of me. However, I was in NO WAY prepared for the torrent of sexual intensity that was released from her body towards me!

We had intense, powerful sex, over and over and over again. Her sexual hunger for me was HUGE, AND, I was more than able to keep up with her, both in terms of my performance, and in terms of my will to ***** love, at all times.

It started completely effortlessly, and I was in no way trying to make sex happen, per se.

Rather, our behavior (both hers and mine) perfectly moved towards locations and opportunities for sex, and then both of us instinctively moved in a sexual direction, complete with intense, Hollywood-like foreplay, and variations somewhere between porn-style and tantric style sex, with wedding-night-intense, romantic and sensual-type sex.

It blew my mind.

The sex was reliably good, and more than that. . .I knew more reliably than ever before, that sex was going to happen, and it was going to happen effortlessly. (I didn't know this until after our first time *****. After that, I realized that this was. . .ON. . .in a way that means it is never likely to turn off.)

I actually stopped listening to DMSI during her three day trip, because I was sleeping with her, rather than alone (as I had planned to do). But that's okay! The program was doing it's job. Now, back to listening, and back to getting as much sexual, sensual satisfaction as I desire.

Oh, I am indeed noticing that younger and hotter women are paying more attention to me than ever. I mean teenagers and girls in their early twenties. I am meeting up with a cute 24 year old later in the week.

To say that DMSI is working is an understatement!

It's ***** working.
lol. nice.
Appreciate anything that you want to grow

Fearlessly, harmoniously and deeply penetrate every moment

The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way
That's good to hear.

EDIT: I will be sharing tales like that soon. But i like to read success stories like that. More to come in the future. ?
(05-13-2019, 03:04 AM)Sal Wrote: That's good to hear.

EDIT: I will  be sharing  tales like that soon. But i like to read success stories like that. More to come in the future. ?

I plan to use DMSI for one year, and to document here each and every new sexual partner I am able to attract because of it.
Day 17: A Surprise Development

For context, I am a professional musician.

Today, I sat down at the piano to improvise a little bit, before one of my students arrived for his lesson.

I was stunned at how much better my (blues) improvisation was than the last time I played (and I play daily).

Clearly, the fear removal makes for much better, freer musicianship, because without fear, I am more willing to try new things. A new idea spontaneously came to me, which worked very well. It's been a while since a brand new riff has just appeared to me like that, from out of the ether, as it were.

DMSI works for much more than getting laid! (And as I have already reported, it works for that too.)

I have to suggest that whatever is going on here is much more powerful than I had suspected, and represents a new access to human performance, generally speaking.

In other words. . .Shannon is onto something awesome, that has the potential to benefit any human being who wishes to live a life of full self-expression.

I am pretty jazzed about this, needless to say!

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