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Title: Dmsi questions
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I am taking acetly l carnitine and ashwaghanda. Do i stop these when on DMSI.
I don't see why you would need to for carnitine. I know nothing about ashwaghanda. The only reason you would want to stop using these for DMSI is if they interfere with state, and the program should be able to counter that in low effect doses anyway.
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Ashwaghanda is an adaptogen. If anything, it can help optimize stress and hormone levels, so I don't see how it'd interfere with state shifting. If it shifts state at all, it'd be easily overcome by the override in DMSI, I'd think.
Okay. Thanks for the answers. I will continue with the supplements and stop taking them if they have an effect.
Im looking forward to DMSI.
I've never had any issues with supplements or potien etc for having a effect with DMSI. if anything it helps being in great shape as far as health is concerned
Will this sub help me with my neediness, desperation, weakness and obsessive behaviours?
Yes, that's part of it. Mostly in the context of women, but if those are getting in the way of being sexually attractive then yes.

The FRM, Self Esteem and similar programming will help with that.
I am going through a lot of grief and pain right over girl that i messed things up with and its affecting my work and my life. What would the consequences be if i started this program 2 weeks early. I have completed USLM a few days ago.

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