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EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 11-27-2017 11:24 PM


I am new to Shanon's subliminals. I found the website some months earlier. Since then I have been thinking but delaying due to the limits / protocol to follow while listening to the subliminals. I have been listening to subliminals from other people. Frankly I had a very good response and good experience. However, the subliminals I have used for very specific purpose narrowed down to a particular issue. I was trying to find some subliminal for some emotional issues / incidents which happened in my childhood.

I have taken psychological treatment earlier and also some anti depressants (for a short time). Depression, anxiety and stress have been with me on and off. My childhood incidents have been triggering them on and off. I go for counselling and I recover and later due to some other event, they trigger again.

It was a difficult decision about which subliminal to start with. I was thinking about Depression, anxiety related ones, but finalized about the Emotional Pain Relief & Healing Aid. I was thinking of buying the paid version since it is supposed to be more powerful and will give quicker results, but due to some financial constraints, I went with the free version. Maybe later on when there is a sale I can switch over to the V2.

I picked EPRHA since I believe that it will heal the emotional pain which triggers my depression and anxiety and also show how I react to the subliminals here.

Anyway, since I was using some other subliminal I took a break to switch to this one. The recommended time was 32 days, but I could not wait for so long and started using if after about 25 days.

Day 1
I used my phone with earphones with ocean version. As I sleep in the same room as my wife and small daughter, I could not opt for a speaker setup.
The first night was a little bit anxious / tense. I woke up several times in anticipation of what is going to happen. I was feeling positive overall but my mind was continuously on the ocean sound.
The morning I woke up I felt quite good. It felt like some sort of relief in my head. It felt better. Whenever I got angry or things did not go quite my way, I used to have this sort of pain in my mind (not physical pain). Now I felt sort of a dampening effect. I was reacting the same way but I was unable to understand why. It was just out of routine / habit I was getting angry but I was able to observe what I was doing. Slept a bit more.

Day 2
Same experience. Got slightly better sleep. Reduced the volume a bit to when it was barely audible. Was a bit anxious whether it would have any effect since the volume is so low. As i woke up during the night i noticed one of the earphone was out of my ear. Kept sleeping for an additional hour.

Day 3
During the first night I was very aware of the earphone and slept in one place. Now I am getting used to the earphone and turning in my sleep. Due to this probably the earphone kept going out of my ear. I had to put it back again. My sleep time increased. Now I just want to keep sleeping and not get up. Earlier I had this pain in my mind which is now gone. I am still feeling the habit of behaving in a certain way which I am observing and hopefully will be able to rectify.
My wife says I was grinding my teeth in my sleep. I have history of grinding my teeth which is supposed to stress related. I will put on my night guard for teeth. This means I am getting tense due to some reason. Although I was a bit tense about some event /situation during the day. It could be a result of that or some things are coming up in my mind. Lets see.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 11-28-2017 09:25 PM

Day 4
I am relaxed listening to the subliminal. However, the issue of earphones falling out of the ear is still there.
I am sleeping more. Earlier I used to sleep 5-6 hours which has now increased to 8 hours. Even after 8 hours I just want to keep sleeping. Its winter and the preference to keep sleeping in warm bed rather than get out is also making me sleep more.
Overall I am relaxed and handling daily things better. Previously when my daughter used to make a fuss or not sleep at night, I used to get very agitated and tense. Now I am quite relaxed and calm and can handle her much better.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 11-29-2017 10:33 PM

Day 5
I was very sleepy. I was listening to some video on whatsapp and went to sleep. got up at 4 am and then I realized and started the subliminal. Thus was unable to hear the subliminal for the whole night.

I am kind of feeling bored or demotivated. I just feel like sleeping. I am also feeling kind of want of withdrawal. Something like that. Either it is due to increase in sleep requirement or some other factor.

Overall till last night I was feeling better. Normally when come home from work I am very tired and just want to rest. I am unable to handle other things. I want for shopping last night after work with my family. I was feeling ok. Not cranky or irritated like previously. Overall I am handling situations / problems much better. Last night I played with my daughter quite late. Previously I would get irritated and angry and would just want to finish the day and go to sleep.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-03-2017 11:48 PM

Days 6 -10
The most frequent issue is the earphone falling out of head during the night when I turn around in my sleep. Speaker setup is not possible since my family sleeps in the same room. I have found a sleep phone on the internet which is a kind of a headband with speakers inside it. The original ones are expensive so I have purchased a Chinese version. Hopefully they should be fine. I will update once I receive them. I chose to go with wired version since the battery in the Bluetooth version can only last up to 3 hours.

Overall I am feeling better. I am facing things / issues much better. There have been situations which I would definitely have avoided in the past. Now I am relaxed and confident. The pain & blockage which I felt earlier in those situations is gone. I believe the subliminal is addressing the situation which gave rise to the such behavior in me.

Sleep time is a problem. I feel like sleeping most of the time.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-03-2017 11:49 PM

I have a question.

I read that EPRHA advances at the same pace as the user. So if I want EPRHA to address any specific issue should I think about it all day / night ?

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Benjamin - 12-04-2017 01:52 AM

EPRHA 2.0 is more 'at your own pace'. 1 doesn't have that programming. For that it just means it only moves as fast as you can handle.

It can help working on some things yourself, but you don't need to think about it all day because the work is being done at the subconscious level.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Daredevil - 12-04-2017 04:02 AM

Shannon realized that going at your pace would result in extremely slow healing so he got rid of that in subs after E2

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Benjamin - 12-04-2017 03:48 PM

I don't remember him saying that. Depending on the person it can be valuable, sometimes if someone is traumatized then going slower is better. That's just my thought, but he can comment on why he decided against it after E2.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-04-2017 10:02 PM

(12-04-2017 04:02 AM)Daredevil Wrote:  Shannon realized that going at your pace would result in extremely slow healing so he got rid of that in subs after E2

There is no you must be referring to a different sub

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-04-2017 10:10 PM

Day 11
I had some weird dreams. First I was in Germany working in office and then suddenly I was in a desert in South Korea and then North Korean Army captures us and takes the group to the prison. Before we enter, the prison is emptied by releasing all the previous prisoners. Then the guards / army at the prison take 2 prisoners including me to a higher place and torture us. They put us in some kind of machine / basic setup. I was also being tortured. I had all the feelings minus the pain. I did not feel any pain.
Then I woke up and went to sleep again. Flashback to Germany. I was travelling in a bus and the bus driver crashed it into a border gate. The police / army at the border arrested us. Turns out it is India's border. They take everyone into custody.
I have never been to any of the above countries.

I was feeling kind of pissed off / angry at some small thing in the morning. Now I feel better, more like healed or reformed kind of feeling. I cannot say whether it was overcoming the angry feeling or something else.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-06-2017 08:40 PM

Day 13
Overall I am feeling good. My ability to cope with situations and emotions is slightly better. I am more aware & conscious of what I am feeling and doing.

The problem with sleep deficiency and earphone is still there. Due to some work / home commitments I am sleeping late and waking up early which is further aggravating the problem. I hope to get some rest on the coming weekend. I am still waiting for the sleeping earphone band to arrive from China.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Shannon - 12-07-2017 05:39 PM

(12-04-2017 10:02 PM)guyinlahore Wrote:  
(12-04-2017 04:02 AM)Daredevil Wrote:  Shannon realized that going at your pace would result in extremely slow healing so he got rid of that in subs after E2

There is no you must be referring to a different sub

He is referring to programs I created after V2 of EPHRA, such as DMSI, in which I cause the healing to take place at a faster pace than E2 uses, which is "go at your own pace". V1 of EHPRA is more of a forced march.

When E3 is released, it will not be a forced march, and it will not be a "go at your own pace" either.

Glad you're getting good results from E1. It is definitely no weakling of a program.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-19-2017 09:57 PM

Day 23 -25
I was travelling alone in the past few days. I used the ultrasonic version on my mobile phone. The mobile phone was on the bedside table. I slept like a log. At home I listen to the ocean and stream version on earphones as my family sleeps in the same room. I get up a lot at night.

There was a social situation in which I had wrong kind of feelings and emotions in the past. Its kind of embarrassing and I would not tell the details. I know it arose out of something which happened in my childhood. I never got over it completely. Now I faced the same situation but did not feel any wrong / bad / inappropriate feeling / emotion. Thumbsup

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-19-2017 09:59 PM

I came over the subliminal 3g and 4g sale. Its very tempting but as I read i should not try other sub with 5.5g. I was thinking about the following
1. Reduce, Prevent, and Remove Scars & Stretch Marks (3G – Type B/C Hybrid)
2. Orgasm Enhancer For Men
3. Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 (4G – Type B)
4. Maximum Healing Speed (3G – Type B/C Hybrid)

If I am using the EPRHA Free Version at night, can I use any of the above during the day?

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Benjamin - 12-20-2017 02:04 AM

Unfortunately not as it's a 5g program.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 12-20-2017 02:15 AM

(12-20-2017 02:04 AM)Benjamin Wrote:  Unfortunately not as it's a 5g program.

Sad. Ok then after I finish with EPRHA.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - Shannon - 12-20-2017 05:59 AM

5g and up, nothing else.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 01-02-2018 12:07 AM

Day 39
I am listening on daily basis. There were few days when I was so tired that I slept immediately upon lying down and missed the sub.
I got sick, flu fever and sore throat. I have been resting for a week lying in bed. Overall I feel good but I kind of feel demotivated / lazy. Cannot tell if it is due to sickness and lying all day or something is coming up in my emotions.

I still wake up a lot due to the sub noise. I am thinking of a mobile app which restricts the maximum volume output and use it with the silent sub.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 02-27-2018 01:16 AM

Day 40-90

I did not post the updates for a long time now. Initially I was listening to the sub at night with earphones (stream version). the problem I was facing was that the earphone kept going out of ear at night and whenever I woke up i had to put it back. I was concerned that I was missing listening to the sub.
Therefore I have shifted to a new method. Now I listen to the ultrasonic sub and put my phone in the chest pocket. I had calibrated the volume level using the stream version. this way I now listen to it at least 12 hours a day.

Overall I am very much satisfied with the results. I feel very light and calm. There were few days in which I got up late and forgot to turn on the sub. On another few days, the volume accidentally went down. although I was using the ultrasonic sub, I immediately noticed the absence of sub as i had started feeling painful emotions. I dont know whether this statement describes it accurately but its like when I am talking walking interacting I can feel some pain in the process, like something is not right. In the start when I forgot to start the sub, the level of pain was much much higher now it is quite subtle. That means the sub is working fine.

RE: EPRHA Free Version - guyinlahore - 03-01-2018 10:19 PM

A question:

I started EPRHA V1 on 25th November 2017 and with that calculation the 90 days comes to 22nd February 2018. I have already listened to it for more than 90 days now.

However, in the start I was listening to in at night (streaming version) via earphones. The problem was that the earphones kept falling out of head. Then I shifted to silent version during daytime with phone in my chest pocket.

I believe that there might have been some missing days or hours in between. That might be due to earphones falling out during sleep or low volume of silent version in my pocket.

Now I am getting slightly impatient and want to try other subs (thinking of Luck Magnifier & Ultra Success combo)

How do I decide when to move on?