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Does FLAC hurt your ears? - findingme - 09-10-2017 03:50 PM

I am presently not using Flac versions for IML Subs, but I've used Flac recordings before from other vendors and they did hurt my ears. This was very similar to me using wav files when I first began listen to subliminals, and my ears would begin to hurt. I remember contacting a distributor about this, and he said that there was less data in MP3 files verses wav files so using MP3 files would make listening easier. It did.

I bought a Flac subliminal from another vendor this year, and it too hurt my ears. For this reason, I've been hesitant to utilize the FLAC versions here.

I'm wondering if anybody else has experienced discomfort using Flac versions. I'm also speaking about this because I'm wondering if I'm just totally overlooking something. I've not seen anybody write or speak about this, so I am.

RE: Does FLAC hurt your ears? - Benjamin - 09-10-2017 04:33 PM

Thats unusual, it's the first i've heard of that happening. I would have thought you meant using ultrasonic on headphones which isn't recommended.

But if you're using the same format and flac hurts your ears, that's strange and nobody else has reported it.

RE: Does FLAC hurt your ears? - findingme - 09-10-2017 05:11 PM

No Ben, I have not used it with the IML Subs. I was not sure if anyone had experienced ear pain with IML Flac recordings. Thanks for letting me know that it is not an issue here. I will try them out myself, and get back to you. Thanks

P.S. I had not been specific enough in my original statement. Your reply made me aware of that. I edited it to clarify my statement.

RE: Does FLAC hurt your ears? - Ars0n1sT - 09-10-2017 05:37 PM

I can chime in here. I noticed FLAC ultrasonic sounds fuller than the mp3. It hurts my ears as well if I'm not careful about the volume. On both stereo and headphones I have to listen at a lower volume. Stereo is hard to gauge but with headphones I listen to 1 click lower. Ie, on my phone, I lower the volume by one button press from my android device. Any of the newer subs you'll buy here come with FLAC and MP3 versions. .

RE: Does FLAC hurt your ears? - Benjamin - 09-11-2017 03:54 PM

In general though if it's hurting your ears then have the volume lower.

RE: Does FLAC hurt your ears? - Mr. Anderson - 09-12-2017 01:24 PM

If you experience pain with FLAC in general I would check your player/player settings or your equipment, never experienced something like that. And with ultrasonic it is how Ben said.