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Full Version: Shop site
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Hi, why is shop site so damn slow can't even buy things there?
Hmm it's fine for me. When did it start being slow for you?
It's been slow almost always sometimes it's OK.
I'm using Google Chrome and I have 500mbit internet.
Anyway it worked just after I wrote this message.
Don't know why is slow for only me?
I didn't want to start a new thread, so I'm mentioning it here instead:

I tried to browse the shop this morning, and I tried it now (6 pm) – but the page isn't working, neither on iPad nor on Chrome/MacBook. It is trying to connect for about a minute, then it gives up:
[Image: HivWriv.jpg]

Are you aware of this issue?
Sorry about the issue, yes it's been down since last night. Hopefully it won't take too long to be back up, but I can't really say at the moment.
Ok good luck
Site is back up now.