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Hi, what subliminal helps with anger the best?
(02-20-2018, 09:35 AM)Gudines Wrote: [ -> ]Hi, what subliminal helps with anger the best?
Anger Management V. 1.1 (4G/Type B) $24.50

Product Description
This program is designed to help in dealing with anger management problems. It is designed to work through three separate techniques:

1. It defuses triggers to the anger response.
2. It disconnects the user from the anger itself.
3. It causes the listener to let go of and release both anger that has been built up inside, and flare ups as well.

With time and use, the result is that the person is in effect trained to deal with their anger issues in ways that prevent most of the problems before they become problems, and produces effective coping responses as well.

I created this program to help me through a period in my life in which I was suffering greivous wrongs that were making me extremely angry, but if I acted on that anger it would have made things much worse. It made my life vastly better in the short and long term.
Either anger management as mentioned.

Or at a deeper level of healing would be E2

Which also deals with alot of other emotional stuff, guilt, shame,fear, trauma and such.