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Full Version: DMSI Open for any Nr of Loops?
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if I understand correctly Shannon said we can listen to DMSI as many times (loops) as we want. My question is since this is the first time I am using it and only on day 6 with 2 Loops of DMSI A. Will I likely get quicker results if I increase the number of loops? Can I switch to DMSI B sooner than 1 months of DMSI A? Or is it likely most effective to stick to the original recommendation?

Thanks in advance
The 2 loops was the instruction initially. But it was opened up for experimentation, most likely for 3.2 it will have a specified amount again.

As for more loops, that's for you to experiment and see. Some people have found more is better, then others have said less is better for them. But if you're going to increase it then it's better to do it slowly instead of jumping to a huge amount straight away.

You most likely want more than the initial 32 days on Version A. Switching sooner than that you might find B a bit rough.
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