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Full Version: LTU 5.5
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I've used E2, which is 5.5, and I'm using UD (also 5.5), which is powerful.

I'd pick up LTU 5.5 in a heartbeat since it covers a lot of weaknesses I have such as:

socializing, or rather not enjoying it due to lack of confidence
self reliance
and...and....and.....almost every single topic it covers.

I've even considered buying LTU 5G and keeping it running silently 24/7. It's a sub loaded with usable scripts. But the speed with its script size keeps me from picking it up since 5.5 subs are showing results quickly.

I vote for LTU 5.5.
I'll move this to title suggestions as it's more suited for this post.
I have two requests for LTU 5.5.

1. Expand on the procrastination message. It's currently at a single sentence.

2. And ditto with anxiety. It is mentioned only once in the scripts files, alongside GSF.

Thank you for looking into doing this Shannon.
My ideas/input thus far for Life Tune Up 5.5G
  • Superb Socialisation/social skills
  • Making/Creating/Allowing/Attracting genuine friends that are supportive, on the same positive
    wavelength/page/path, etc
  • Ease/Enjoyment of small talk and deep rapport and connecting with people, getting to know people
  • Ease/Enjoyment of Networking with people yourself
  • People enjoy being around you, think you are cool/fun, they admire you, want to stay in touch, network with you, hang out with you
  • Celebrity effect
  • Being naturally outgoing, positive, fun, funny, cool person that has got his/her shit together
  • Positive synchronicity, the universe on your side, allowing you to know your path and move towards it with ease
  • Follow your excitement/Follow your bliss, move towards what you genuinely want, be true to yourself, create/allow the life you want
  • Create productive and genuine habits that are aligned with the person you want to be.
  • Abundance mindset and Allowing abundance in all forms into your life (including money, but not limited to.

Quote:The definition of abundance is the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

(Let go of the thinking that it has to be about money.)

LTU 5.5G would be great.

Hopefully with PTPA and SE modules enabled.

I especially like these suggestions from Fluffy:
- Superb Socialisation/social skills
- Celebrity effect
- Being naturally outgoing, positive, fun, funny, cool person that has got his/her shit together
I still don't want everything to be put in LTU. But with a certain focus it would be good.

LTU 5.5G: For just enjoying life, the moments and the people you are around with.

Some others:
Success Subliminal: To be disciplined, goal getter, focussed on getting things done and negotiate successfully.
Artistic Subliminal: To find the creativity within us, find a way to express it without fear.
Sport Subliminal: Not just exercise motivation, but also body chemistry, hand/eye-coordination.
Money Subliminal: To find and create ways to make money and manage money.
Love Subliminal: To just feel love and have an aura full of love.
Writer Subliminal: To become a successful writer.
Musician Subliminal: To become a successful musician.
Traveller Subliminal: Find a way to travel the world with minimal cost (seems like luck magnifier should be in it).

Will that be possible to be realized within the next two years? Some of them were in mind or to be done in 5G but then postponed and never published. People are here waiting and wanting to give the money to you Shannon.
I hope shannon creates this. I will be looking forward to this!
If LTU has the wall and other features that are currently in 3.2 or may be in 3.3, and then the sub expands on procrastination, drive, motivation as well as being able to move from goal to goal with ease then I may even consider it!!