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Full Version: Faded effects
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I've been using US and Luck for about 12 days now and at first i started feeling the effects but gradually its going in the other direction. Can't comment on luck, but i seem to have lost any motivation now and feel resistance to do anything. Any tips why this would happen, is there like a breakthrough point when its all going to click in?
Im actually feeling confused again should i do the business, that its hard and i should drop it... That's the opposite of what i was looking for. Many thanks
The euphoria will disappear after some days. Just hang in there. About the loss of motivation, it also happened with my Ultra Success run. I think it was Fonzy who combined Ultra Success with Ultra Motivation which is rather a good combo. If you would like, you could combine US and UM too since Luck Magnifier is just a variation of US which produces synchronicities.

just my two cents Wink
That is normal. It can go in waves.

Like you start to have things happen, then the program hits up against your old programming which is where the 'conflict' comes in and that resistance comes up. That's usually a good sign it's working on something.

It's kind of like your mind saying 'oh no i'm so used to the old programming, I want to convince him to stop because it's working to transform it, so here's this baggage."

When that happens it's best to keep going.
Thank you guys for the explanation! Yes im looking at other courses of action now, so maybe looking for success! I'm definitely going to continue and see where this takes me.

I will try also the Motivation sub, but I really want to be lucky! hehe
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