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Full Version: Copy Protection Question
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Sorry if this has been discussed before but the explanations I've read still don't make sense to me. Last night I purchased Maximum Sales Success then downloaded and extracted the ZIP file to my Windows laptop. I then copied that extracted folder to Dropbox so I could later also listen from my Apple desktop. The question I have is this morning, from my laptop, I wanted to copy the 3 Maximum Sales Success files to a USB stick so I can listen to them while driving the work truck which I am in several hours every day. The truck (2015 Ford F150) has a USB port that allows me to play mp3 files through the truck speakers. However, when I try to copy those files I get a pop up that says "1 Interrupted Action - Are you sure that you want to copy this file without its properties? The file Maximum Sales Success - 4th Gen Masked Subliminal (Trickling Stream).mp3 has properties that can't be copied to the new location." However, when I earlier downloaded and copied the free Absolute Self Confidence files to the same USB stick it did not trigger that message. So how can I copy the Maximum Sales Success to that USB stick so I can listen to it while driving the truck those several hours every day? It just seems like a waste to not use that time behind the wheel for mind and life improvement. What I don't understand is will the scripting or files somehow change so what I purchased and downloaded to listen on my laptop (when I'm using my laptop) are going to be different to what I'm listening to from the USB (when I'm driving the truck)? Please clarify or advise. Thank you in advance.
Well, this sucks. Now when I try to copy back to that same USB stick the free Absolute Self Confidence files (which I deleted to make room for the Maximum Sales Success files) I get the same pop up warning me those files now also having properties that can't be copied back to that location. I'm totally confused.
Hey man,
Welcome to the forum. It sounds to me it just means the internal description of it. I can't think of the name but I mean when you play it on a computer and it says the author name and such.

If you're just copying it straight to a usb stick then it's not actually affecting the file, just that text description. It sounds like the format of the usb stick may not support it. So you should be fine with just selecting 'yes' and letting it copy.

Is it an old usb stick? It sounds like it may be since you had to delete ASC for Maximum Sales Success, modern usb sticks hold way more than that.

It's not related to copy protection at all, that is within the subliminal audio. It's just something with the usb formatting.

The other thing to keep in mind is you unfortunately won't be able to use both ASC and MSS at once as ASC is 5g. This link gives more information on that.
Thanks Benjamin for your quick reply. It was greatly appreciated and set my mind at ease. Yes, it's an older USB stick I use for work just in case it gets accidently damaged or (hopefully never) lost. That message must only be a Windows 10 thing as I later copied those same files from my iMac through Dropbox to that same stick and received no warning message. Thanks also for reminding about not using both ASC and MSS at the same time. I plan to use MSS exclusively for the next while as I'm contemplating returning to a sales related role in an effort to substantially increase my income. I'm hoping MSS improves, corrects and enhances my mindset in order to give me an edge. I just wish there were more testimonials from others who have used it to attest to any improvements or success they have had. Right now I am just going on faith that it will work.
Cool, good luck. Yeah unfortuantely not many people have used MSS so far, so it'll be good to have your feedback.
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