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Full Version: Question about UMS
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Hi there,

I've been using UMS since 1st Sept this year.
Started off 2 loops for 3 days, then 3 days bloom.
Currently 4 loops for 4 days, then 3 days bloom.
Listening to the hybrid version.
I've written out my short, medium and long term goals.

So far, I'm very impressed with;
The energy I have, even though the program interrupts my sleep, and I feel drained.
The visible attraction that females show towards me. Smile
The confidence I radiate, especially when talking to people.
About 2 weeks since I started using the program, I was approached with an amazing opportunity that will give me some funds to progress further with my business.

The question I have is...
Now I feel like I've hit a wall. I really want to break through procrastination/fear and take a huge step forward in my business.
I feel like something is still holding me back.
Should I increase the loops to maybe 5 per day, or leave at 4 loops, but run for maybe 5-6 days?

Shannon says to change one variable at a time. After listening as described for a while it's fine to then listen to your desire to listen more as it's the autoconfig module guiding you.

So for example you might just have 1 less day off, or add 1 loop and observe and then after a while adjust again.
I suggest you reduce your days off by 1 per ASRB2 cycle until you either find what you're looking for, or have only 1 day off left.

If that still doesn't do it, then start adding loops, at one per ASRB2 cyccle until you find what you are looking for, or you cannot reasonably do more.

If that all still doesn't do it, look into adjusting the volume. But like Ben says, make only 1 step of change in 1 variable per ASRB2 cycle.
Thanks Ben and Shannon!

Ok, before I read this, Smile I upped the loops to 5, but could only run for 3 days as I was exhausted from lack of sleep.
I think I might try as you suggest to keep number of loops the same (4), and reduce the number of days off to 2. Will see how that goes!

Update on this...

Currently on 4 loops for 3 days, with 2 days off.
I increased the volume to next level also.
So far it's working well.
I pretty much operate on autopilot for most of the 3 days, but still have great clarity and drive.
The 2 days off are also working ok.
I'm more conscious of the amount of sleep I need for the overall cycle.
Another income stream has just opened up for me, so feeling really positive about what the future brings!