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Full Version: Maximum Learning Speed 3.0 5.5g
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Will this help me with a new Medical job with an intensive program and have to train on computer for 4 weeks in the city. I need to get certification for PCT. I want to do practice test & study books along with job training. I need to take test by April of next year. Everything is riding on the Certification? 
Didn't I already answer this somewhere else?
(02-21-2020, 08:46 AM)Shannon Wrote: [ -> ]Didn't I already answer this somewhere else?

Shannon maybe you having déjà vu. You working to hard on these subs.
Yeah he wanted me to move the thread and I said usually the best place to ask questions is your discussion thread.
De ja vu is a very different sensation for me, it's not that. I clearly remember answering this. Lately sometimes I am finding that things I have done on the forum or back end are not showing up after I do them for some reason.

One more time. MLS only works as well as you cooperate and execute it. If you cooperate and execute it, it can be very helpful.