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Full Version: which program for learning a new art?
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Hi all, I have been using DMSI now for 2 1/2 months now and have been experiencing wonderful results. Recently I have been looking to get into learning piano but I find myself wanting to learn but not wanting to practice at all. I see a number of programs that might be of help but I struggle to decide on which to use, or to wait till 6g versions of certain programs come out. Any thoughts?
Welcome, glad DMSI is going well for you.

For that Maximum Learning Speed can help

It helps to build desire for it and deal with the resistance to the learning process. 6g is still a while off, so it'd still be worth getting something before then.
And, if you've had good results from DMSI, we would love to have results reports from more of the people whom it works for, instead of just those who have a hard time. What have your experiences with it been?
Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer should also be able to help a bunch, especially if you set "learning to play the piano" as one of your goals for it.
I did consider max learning speed, USLM I didn't but will for sure look into. My DMSI journey has been an interesting one. A few things I've noticed include, People would never bother to remember me before using DMSI, now when i'm at work they look at my name tag and remember/use my name on a regular basis. Word of me and my side business has spread around town and people are now actively seeking me out to obtain my expertise. People have been actively attempting to make friends with me. My social media presence has expanded equal to the amount of effort that I put into it where as I was a ghost before. I have encountered a desire to better myself for the sake of becoming more attractive in ways such as caring about the way I dress and expanding my wardrobe.  I also have starting going back to the gym as well. The longer I use the program, the more "forward" (in a female obvious way, not male obvious) women become with me, it's almost like they forget what personal space is  Blush . The thing that is most prolific to me is the fear removal module, it has worked wonders with forcing my fears to the surface and making me think about them while simultaneousiously helping me get over them behind the scenes. At first it happened rapidly but the longer I use it the longer it takes for new fears to be brought to light and dealt with. I still have a ways to go before I can say that I am over my fears but I will say it has made a significant difference in my life in the short period time I have used it. 

Unfortunately I have hit some resistance that I have been struggling with...... which is why this desire to switch programs has come forth. Anywho, thanks for the responses. I will consider MLS as well as USLM.

Thanks for the responses.
You hit some resistance, so you're going to switch programs? That doesn't get you to the program's goals, my friend. If you're executing well enough to get that far, may I suggest you re-think switching?

Which version are you referring to for all of the above?
So to start for DMSI I am using the most resent 3.3.2 I think. Allow me to explain my resistance and why I am so conflicted. About a year ago I moved to a small town to attend a jewelry making school that is regarded as one of the best in the US. I got side tracked working a job to make enough money to attend said school and am now finally looking to get into it. The plus to switching would be that I would be able to better learn in school as well as develop a healthy hobby. The negative to sticking to DMSI is that this town is so small there is almost nobody that I am attracted to and those that I am are already married with kids and such. The positive to sticking with DMSI is that for the first time in my life I have the desire to be social as well as have little trouble initiating social interactions with anybody. I also feel that the longer I stick with it, the better I will become at social interaction and the more that the FRM will get to do what it does(which it does wonderfully btw.) The pluses and negatives all make sense but at the same time I feel like it is my subconscious mind trying to be sneaky and weasel out of DMSI (most likely because of fear.) 

So that is why I am conflicted....... any insight, opinions, and/or advice is welcome and desired.

Thanks  Smile
I'd stick with DMSI. You might very well, in fact, be trying to weasel out from running it further because it's about to hit something your subC (and it's probably a fear of some sort) might on some level consider as something "it cannot afford to let go of", so to speak.
You may very well be right on that. I do remember Shannon saying something along the lines of the more internal turmoil you feel, the more work the program is doing under the hood. I've been experiencing a lot of internal turmoil regarding the use of DMSI and things relating to it. In an earlier post I had said that I felt like the FRM had slowed down but now I see that it's still doing its' job. The other bit of resistance my mind has thrown up is that DMSI has no long term results other than what the FRM does, so I should switch to something else with the FRM in it. The mind is a very sneaky thing....

Thanks for the insight.
It does have other long term results. Just not usually the active projection of the aura.