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Full Version: Some questions about MLS and how it could help me.
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So I've been trying to practice guitar lately and I've been getting majorly discouraged. Part of it is I'm trying to use this: 

For lessons, and I'm getting intimidated because I feel the guy in the video moves too fast. 

But another big factor is that I have my ego wrapped up in "Playing well" rather than just enjoying playing simple stuff, and I'm a total noob so I can't play well. I've put myself in this catch-22 where I have to enjoy playing to play well, but I have to play well to enjoy playing. And the truth it, I'd probably never enjoy it, because the ego is all about things never being good enough. 
A part of it stems from playing guitar a while back and just playing to play, but not playing well and having my friend shit on my playing, then show off his natural talent by playing basic songs by ear and telling me I just sucked. It discouraged me from playing. Then I fell in love with my ex-friend and she married a guy who could shred and I always envied him. So I have these issues with playing that prevent me from really even getting started and doing basic beginner stuff you have to do when you start playing. 

I was wondering if Max Learning Speed could help me with those issues? I know I've still gotta finish the sub I'm on first, but I was wondering if it might be able to help me after.
One of the things MLS is designed to do is help you clear out anything that stands in the way of your achieving maximum learning speed and ability. So it should help, yes.

Another thing you can do is remember those things in vivid detail and then consciously "cancel" them, or invalidate them. Like while he's telling you you suck, imagine a big block letter "Invalid" flashing on his mouth.
Aren't you using AYP though?
Thank you Shannon. 

(03-10-2019, 04:42 PM)Benjamin Wrote: [ -> ]Aren't you using AYP though?

As I said, I know I've got to finish the sub I'm using first. I was just wondering if MLS could help me with a problem I have. Although I'm beginning to realize E2 will probably be more pertinent. For now I'm still using the AYP sub. I just felt the need to ask because I'm doing so badly at guitar. But the truth is, once I'm finished with this AYP sub, I'm gonna need E2. Guitar can wait.