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Full Version: Regarding sending PM's for support.
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Regarding sending PM's for support. - Benjamin

Hi guys,
As you may know, I do the email customer support for Indigo Mindlabs.

I've had a few people send me pm's for customer support recently and i'd like to ask if you could please instead send these support questions to the store email so they are all in the one place when I check the email. If it is a pm there is the chance that I may not see it straight away.

If you want to personally ask me about my experiences or have a question about something else, then i'm okay with pm. Same thing if it is related to the forum, pm is okay in that case aswell.

But if it's something like support for downloads or such then i'd prefer you use the email.

I understand when you are having an issue you prefer it dealt with as soon as possible, but sometimes it takes some patience. I check the email nearly every day at the moment, so you can be confident that it won't take very long for me to reply and fix your issue. And if I can't deal with it straight away and it's something we need to work on I will let you know that also by email.

Thanks everybody. Smile