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Title: gain more costumers.
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with 5.5g and of course 6g coming in hot I actually think this can save the world. if people had access to e2 and MLS, MHS, this would make the world a better place.

but people are ignorant and close minded.
so... to give more people to see the results of subs.

we can maybe use this.
an easy way to change eye color.
with the power of 5.5g this would/could be an easy task where people see extremely fast results and start to believe in the power of subs more.

this could be a marketing stunt and you could offer for example an eye color change for free.

just thinking out loud here..
We did have an eye color program in the past, but it was discontinued. I can't say why, maybe you could ask Shannon in his journal discussion thread as he reads that the most.

I'm only speaking for my own opinion here, not Shannon. As I don't know the specifics of this. But personally I would think that changing eye color is a pretty big thing and not just a simple thing with fast results as you say. There would be many other things that can be done simpler. Physical change like that is kind of major.
save the world lol i gotta get outta here

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