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Title: alpha female question
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Hi, Shannon
I am now in the 5th stage of alpha female and so far I have not seen any noticeable result.
I wonder if it is possible to run the overcome,guilt shame and fear sub along with the alpha female sub or should I wait until the second run. i feel that maybe fear and guilt might be a contributing factor as to why I have not notice any result. One of the thing that I wanted to get rid of was my shyness and to be less quiet and more outgoing.But so far the only thing that I have notice might be subtle changes in body language even that is fleeting. So I was thinking that by using the ogfs sub along with AF might help.
Carmen, wait until you have finished AF altogether then report back. You may find that you have a break-through moment in stage 6 where everything seems to come together.
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Like Adam said wait until the end and then at least about two weeks more. I that time you don't get new suggestions so the AF programming hat a chance to become "yours". If you don't see results I would advice you to run EPRHA. There is also the OGSF script inside and it's 5G (and free).
Thank you for your replies Adam and Sebastian
@adam225 you're right maybe I will gain some breakthrough or insight at the end of the program or maybe too much expectations .
@sebastian maybe I will run AF a second time and then I'll do EPRHA I have read some of the post and they seem to report positive results from that sub.
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Basically, my advice is the same as what has been given. Finish, then run EHPRA if necessary. I suggest 6 months of EHPRA if you see no results from AF. Then run AF again.
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