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Title: Question about speed healing for a scar?
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I am new to this forum Smile
I have just started using reduce stretchmarks/scars subliminal
I am already seeing great results in the improvement on my scar!

My question is this:
Would I benefit from using a speed healing program?
Also has anyones scars actually fully returned back to fresh skin using this program?

Thank you
Scars are technically "healed" flesh. They remain after healing because the body considers them "dealt with". So telling the body to heal itself won't affect them. You have to specify the scar tissue specifically.
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Thank you for replying Shannon sorry I only seen this now. I will stick with my program for scars at the moment then as it is still going very well Big Grin
Using the pogram for the recommended period of time will ensure your mind is programed ADEQUATELY to remove the scar.

Then the scar will disappear when you stop being anxious when it will happen.

"Anxious when it will work" involves the conscious mind INTERFERING (and stopping it working).

I have subs that begin working 'only when I get out of the way".

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