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Title: Zane's Subliminal Testimonials
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Well this the place where I will post all my subliminal testimonials. This way anyone can read it. I will include the link in my signature also.
This is about ERPAH 1.

My parents have been listening to E1 for about 3 weeks and my sister also. There are the following effects I have noticed things :

Father: My father is a genius and is admired by everyone in his family and in his office. He has a lot of knowledge. Thing is that he has certain emotional issues which have stopped him from achieving financial freedom. Even though he earns pretty much good. I had noticed that due to Fear and Guilt. He has let many opportunities to earn money slip by. I mean he is at a position in a company where he can earn money easily. But instead, he chooses to play the "Nice Guy" and did people's work. For free. He could have easily earned like Rupee 10 Lakh)... Also even if he did their job or project for them. The people would refuse to pay him after the job was completed or maybe gave him like 1/4 of money or even less.

Since my father works in a government job.It's kinda risky to filed a complaint about these kinda stuff when people don't pay him cause it can be considered as an act of bribery. Due to which he could be suspended. Also recently my father was about to be transferred to a crappy department. Which made him depressed.

I saw this pattern in him and I decided to run E1 on him(He doesn't Know). Within few days. I saw that my dad started being more positive and he started socializing with people. Infact he kinda started acting like a Good Husband, Father, and everything. People in his Office are now offering help to him and even I have noticed that his boss and along with other people in higher-ups are now trying their best to stop his transfer. My Father is getting more trips to other cities related to companies inspection and stuff. He goes there with my mom and they are enjoying their life...I am very happy to see my mom and dad enjoying the benefits of E1.

Also, my father got Rupees 5 Lakh for doing some project and he is even gonna get more when the project gets completed. People and opportunities are coming in his way where he could now make money easily. He seems very happy about it and now he even plans on started some Food or restaurant business in 2-3 years. So pretty much in 3 weeks, things are getting so much better. I mean I could see that he was getting opportunities but was scared. So E1 helped him alot.

Mother: My mother used to spend all the money on foolish things and on Stupid people. I mean u guys must have seen mom like that who wastes money to get attention and fame. Well, due to this habit of hers she was under a lot of debt. I mean she was always in debt. Every time I would ask money she would tell that she doesn't have much. My dad got fed up of this as she didn't listen. Now after listening to E1, she has stopped useless spending and now have gathered enough money to get out of debt. She has this glow on her face as if she is so happy and relaxed. Now she is only thinking about her family and enjoying everything. My mom and sister always used to fight. Now they are bonding with each other and now goto market and on trips.

Sister: Well, what can I say shes is an egoistic bitch and just like my dad she is knowledgeable. But god her Ego is something we all brother hate. Also, she was always in depressed mode. I asked and talked to her about it and I found out that she actually loves being depressed. It's as if she thinks that her life is a depressing movie and in the end, it will get HIT...lol. She always used to focus on sad stuff and shit. She recently changed school and said that kids there don't belong to good families with good status and standard due to which she feels alone.

After being exposed to E1 she says that guys in class give her IOIs and try to sit around her. Few girls are jealous but her class teachers love her presence and treat her as if she is some innocent girl(which she is not I know that haha)...She now says that she is very happy with her life and loves her school and friends.

So I wanna thank Shannon for creating subliminal like these because my parent's issues cause us bros and sis to suffer. But Exposing them to E1 things have now become stable after sooo many years. I do think my listening to MLS-5.5G made me see all these problems by Parents were going from and I choose the best sub for them. Instead of LTU or OF. I recognised which sub would be best for them ...Before I was confused as to which sub would be best for them but MLS helped me see what their issues were and I gave them that sub accordingly. It plays 24*7 so they arnt tired. Cause if they are expose to E2 ten they will get tired as hell and I wanted a sub which could be played all day and I didnt have to switch it off..Even i forget that its playing.

Is she the sister you exposed to MLS old tech?
(09-22-2017, 02:13 AM)Alpha360 Wrote: Is she the sister you exposed to MLS old tech?

Yes Indeed. With MLS-5G she did got excellent in academic area. But Emotionally she was/is still a mess. But E1 seems to do a good job as shes like 16 only.

MLS-5G Testimonial

Last time I ran MHS is was for about 30 days.

Things I noticed while running MHS:

I noticed increase in my cognitive abilities which lasted for only 3 days only(Unfortunately)
I noticed my breath was so much fresh.
My mouth was and felt so clean even though my brushing routine was same.
I was sneezing out much more crap from my sinus as I had sinus issues.
My Nasal passage was more open.
I felt calm, peaceful, relaxed.
Slight improvement in neck pain and stiffness but a longer run was needed.
I could eat more food that I could ever imagine I could.
I was drinking more water.
I was taking more supplements and was able to stick to it.
My thought process was good and people said that I explain stuff in a nice manner.
My DIgestion improved.
Detoxed and peed a lot and felt relieved, pure and holy after that.
Fapping wasn't on my mind.but I still did it anyway.
Was tired as hell and slept alot
I had this glow on my face and I liked it.

Things I noticed after I stopped listening to MHS(Bloom Mode?)

My acne scars started to heal slowly.I still have them but its a job in progress and I can see the difference.

My Body Started to Respond to Medicines and supplements much faster. In fact, I always felt that my body rejected the treatment and supplements. But now my body was responding to Homeopathic Medicines in an instant and also with ayurvedic. I remember I once took a homeopathic med and within 5 mins. The biggest chunk came now out my sinuses. Never seen that before. Since I am responding to medicine much better my sinuses are much better now.

I was still taking my supplements but it was hard to stick to this regime.But then I ran OF-5G and I stopped taking all the supplements.
I noticed I was drinking water much less than I was on MHS.
Pain and stiffness was still there.
Acid reflux was non existant.

So it wasnt much but these are all I can remember.

Recently I was Listening to MLS-5.5G since it came out but I was able to get 45 day exposure in 60 days as I took 2 weeks break in between.

Recently I have been having pain in my neck shoulder and right arm for past 3 wees and I went to 3 doctors and two of them asked me to get a MRI scan of my cervical spine.

I got my report yesterday and it said that I have a herniated disk on right(no wonder my right thumb became numb and I have been experiencing pain non-stop). So Right now I am looking for a good Neuro-Physician as my ENT Doctor advised, but I also started my Homeopathic medicines and as soon as my doc gave one to me. My three week of nerve pain decreased so much. I am gonna do both Allopathy and Homeopathy both along with MHS.

During those 3 weeks on non-stop pain I asked a Girl on Fiver to do reiki on me for $25 and after that, she gave me the report on the current condition of my body and she said that I have ***** up cervical spin. Even before I got MRI. She also mentioned many stuff which was true and it made me realized that I need MHS more than MLS.
MHS-5.5G (Second Run)

Well its been 30 days and I guess I own MHS-5.5G a review.

So this was my second run of MHS-5.5G. These r the things I noticed about

My herniated Disk pain is now complete gone. I would now only experienced pain if I sit in wrong posture. Thanks to Homeopathy +Allopathic +MHS-5.5G. I would say that MHS-5.5G helped me the most because I think MHS-5.5G healing Aura somewhat attracted the right medicine in my life specially in case of homeopathy. Cause in homeopathy there are like 100 of medicine from same problem. So In short. MHS-5.5G helped alot.

Also Today I got an urge to go to my Homeopathic Doc and tell him about my mental issues. Which are Bipolar, MD, Anxiety related to career, lack of Concentration, memory loss, Lack of motivation for mostly every thing. To be honest I never even cared about curing my depression. But MHS-5.5G just made me do it. Am so happy about this.

For some reason I did not masturbate on MHS-5.5G for about 6 days and 10 days after that. I mean it was Damn easy to not fap. Took almost no willpower to not fap. Kinda Gives me hope. I guess it was the longest streak in 2 years.

Girl were almost into my healing Aura and saying that they wanna kiss me and marry me. My mom told me that one girl who just had a newborn baby decided to name him "Zane" cause she saw that my presence changed everyone's mood the moment I joined them or their group.

Everyone Just loved my healing aura.

I now avoid suger. My mom has diabetes so I am avoiding suger as much as i can. I am kinda repulsed by it. Just seeing suger gives me.. eeks or creeps .. Lol

Eating vegetables now doesn't seem that hard as I know this is healthy. Before My second run of MHS-5.5G I was repulsed on large level but now its kinda minimize alot. Hope it in 3rd run its gonna ho away.

Second run of MHS-5.5G was really easy didn't face much resistance. Not at all. Zero if I would say.

There r other things which i dont remember. Idk why. But I will write about them as soon as I remember

BTW I have attached the MRI Scan of my herniated Disk


(02-07-2018, 08:18 AM)Shannon Wrote:
(02-07-2018, 01:42 AM)Zane Wrote: Fixed my Herniated Disk like it never even happened. Along with with Allopathic, Homeopathic medicine and Exercise.

So how do you know what did what?

Because, I was taking meds before but it wasn't that effective. Taking medicine reduced pain for like 20‰. But after using MHS-5.5G my body was responding so much better to meds and it reduced my pain so much to like 60%.

There were times when even after being on meds I would be in pain and as soon as I started listening to MHS-5.5G. Within 15-20 mins. My pain would reduce to a point that I could actually sleep.

Medicines, Exercise are much more effective when I use it along MHS-5.5G. Its like MHS-5.5G increases their efficiency by 60-70 %. Its a Healing Sub after all.

Also, I went to same doctor for 2 years for my Nasal polyp issues. Even after surgery my polyp will be back in next 4-5 months. After my second surgery I went to same Homeopathic doctor again and this time I was listening to MHS-5.5G(1st run) . Believe me his medicines performed much faster and at much deeper level.. . Even he was surprised that I was responding to meds so much better than before and now its been 14 months and no sign of polyps anywhere..

So within 2 runs of MHS-5.5G I pretty much figured out which part was MHS-5.5G and which wasnt. Thanks for creating this sub

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