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Title: What is the best subliminal to get motivated and productive
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Hi all, @Shannon

I am looking for some recommendations as I need to write several very long reports (Guestimate 50k words overall) and I am struggling to stay motivated, productive and not procrastinate. I need to write minimum 500words a day (realistically) but man, it is hard both not to procrastinate on it and stay focus for the hours I need to put in.

I have seen that there are two subliminal that can help: "Overcome Procrastination" and "Laser Focus & Concentration". I know there is a difference in terms on generation, but there is also a difference in price! Given that  from what I read the refund policy is suspended, I want to make the best choice.
Or maybe the latest Writers Editing & Creativity Pack BWE can be a good choice, though limited only to my application.
Could you recommend something?


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