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Title: Ultra Success-5.5G
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That is a beautifully written and incredibly inspiring post, very happy for you Zane!
I wanna apologise to people who are pming me and not getting any response. I am really busy these days and don't even have time to read journals. Which I miss alot. I hope everyone is making progress.

My father is hospitalised as he has pancreatitis, is having issues with kidneys and lung infection. Spleen is enlarged and he is in ICU. He is now recovering slowly.

I just wanna say thanks in advance if anyone of you read this and send prayers and positive vibes. As i wont be able to come back for a while. Please PM and I will get to you when I have time.

I just waana say thanks to Shannon also for making this subliminal. It helped me find and manifest money, people, spiritual healers and doctors and at right time which helped in saving my father life. All thanks to you people, Shannon IML community and the source i believe in (rule 4)

My dad hasn't been able to work for 1 month and so we have no income to pay for the heavy bills.. But I am using visualisation to attract Money and people are coming are manifesting and giving us huge chunk of money which will help me pay the bills. I have attracted Rs 40000($5800) which is enough to pay hospital bills for one month in ICU ward which is very expensive.

Dad will be back home in around 2-3 weeks around 20th May. My intuition tells me and I am gonna attract more money. Lets see how far can I go.

USLM-5.5G is helping me with everything. LOA starts to show results in like 5-10 sec...for big stuff it can take time. My gut instincts are intune.

Doing Nofap amplifies the result of USLM.

I have a feeling 100% that UMS is gonna be a blast and very powerful

Thanks everyone.

Shannon take your time in doing whatever you are doing, I believe and trust you. Thank you for everything.
I am coming in alignment with the universal forces. I have been trying to reach this level for a long long time but it didn't work out. Everything was just scattered and out of reach.

Now when I go to a new place I feel as if I become familiar with that place and energy very quickly. I get grounded. The alignment is becoming stronger and stronger as the days pass by..

Everything is starting happening at right moment and place. I can feel as if my subconscious is getting control over stuff what was out of reach. Things are starting to look possible and not so out of the reach. I don't expect anything. I am now more patient than ever, more unshakable and unbreakable.

I learn things quickly, adapt to the situation with the passage of time.

Things usually don't happen at first but on second try they do. Fear of Authority is decreasing. Talked to two manager who looks scary as fuk but still I talked to them about my problem but at the same tkme I didn't really care if they are gonna solve it or not cause I would find another way then.. There is always another way.. They sense thus kinda "Really don't care type of Aura" from me and in turn try to make things work for me breaking all rules and regulations...

I am taking Prozac-60mg and Luvox-50mg and they are working in sync with USLM3 and helping me become who I want to be. I have noticed a difference in my attitude if I miss USLM3 for more than 2 days..

I start getting aggressive. USLM3 is the main player here who is keeping me in check.

People respect me but tbh I don't care. Weather people criticise me or not. I don't really care. My emotions are in control. When things get bad I keep moving thinking that this will make me strong.. Which is my goal.

I was weak to help anyone in the past but now I am emotionally strong enough to do the right thing with out expecting anything.

This is now my reality and this is where I now belong. A place where I can work on myself, transcend and achieve my goals.

Lossing Interest in short term goals and temporary pleasure.. Long term is now my focus.

I say what I want to, do what I want to, believe what I want to.

I am impressed by people who are trying their best to find a solution and improve their life.. It's tough but in the end you find a way.. Always.

Don't like people who just waste their life even if you try to save them a million times..

Some people just wanna destroy themselves while living in an illusion that one day things will change..

It won't unless you keep working on yourself without giving up.
Those words inspired and encouraged me Zane. Makes me focus on USLM4 too. Smile
I want to be FREE!
I just read your post to SO who is on the same sub. He loves it, he said that as I was reading it, one word kept coming to his mind "empowerment". He says congratulations to you.
(05-11-2019, 01:12 AM)findingme Wrote: Those words inspired and encouraged me Zane. Makes me focus on USLM4 too. Smile

Complete your LTU journey and then get on USLM. You will and everyone who is struggling, is open mind and determined to never give up will indeed win this life's race.. You will be ready for any problem that is gonna come your way...
(05-11-2019, 05:10 AM)Infinite Wrote: I just read your post to SO who is on the same sub. He loves it, he said that as I was reading it, one word kept coming to his mind "empowerment". He says congratulations to you.

Your "SO" is so right. This is indeed "empowerment".

I am now mentally prepared to face any problem that is gonna come my way. This is what I choose before I came into existence on this planet. It was my choice. Therefore I will deal with all these cosmic and astrological test and trials.

I am going with the flow but it doesn't mean there won't be any obstacles. What's the worse that could happen? Nothing.

202 days on USLM3 completed.

Doing 3 loops daily. 4/5 is still too much powerful.

3 loops is kicking ass already.

Goal: Another 200 days on USLM3

From and including: Monday, 22 October 2018
To and including: Saturday, 11 May 2019
Result: 202 days
It is 202 days from the start date to the end date, end date included.
Or 6 months, 20 days including the end date.

Alternative time units

202 days can be converted to one of these units:
17,452,800 seconds
290,880 minutes
4848 hours
202 days
28 weeks and 6 days
55.34% of a common year (365 days)
I have been noticing this weird pattern for past 1 month.

Whenever I try to face my fears or do something which didn't had the guts to do before, I notice that I am unsuccessful at first try but on second try I am successful.

For example I always had issues with people in authority. So due to some problem I was asked to talk to a manager at hospital.

At first try he wasn't available and but as soon as I let it go or something he suddenly appears out of nowhere.

First attempt doesn't work but second does.. Its like I am ready but the world is not and is taking it's own time.

Inshort I feel the world or the external reality is procrastinating lol.

It's weird cause I was the type of person who would procrastinate alot and left behind many opportunities but now its the opposite..

Feels as if I am running much faster and the world is trying to catch up to me.. Yet I feel normal and chill as ice.

Universal/Cosmic/Subconscious alignment... Whatever it is.. I am so much impressed.. This is why I love this subliminal.

4 days ago I visualized for like 3 seconds that I am flirting with a beautiful girl or nurse/doctor.

Next day I saw one and she suddenly started hovering around me like a bee lol.. We chatted for a while and my sister said that she was definitely into me and flirting with me.. lol


(05-14-2019, 10:26 PM)Zane Wrote:
(05-13-2019, 08:07 AM)Infinite Wrote: Zane, It makes me feel so good to hear you say that you found such an amazing sub. Now I'm curious about which sub you will switch to if and when you ever want to try a different sub.

I believe that the FRM in SO's sub has had an influence on me. Before he got on USLM, I would have been too fearful (the fear would have appeared to be caution and discretion) to move to a beautiful house, simply because it was moving to a different house. Forget about moving to a new neighborhood, that would have caused anxiety, stress, and lots of consideration. I know it sounds ridiculous, but something about the way that I was brought up influenced me to be this way. I remember a relative (who I don't even like) once said that she would never move unless she was sure that moving wasn't getting out of her perfect call in life, because what if she moved and then died for moving there? Her reasoning affected me, and did me a lot of harm, but now I've been set free from that way of thinking. Not that I would take such a drastic change lightly, but just like when SO got that new job. We just knew that it was the right opportunity and that we should take it. Without the sub, we would have missed out on the opportunity and we would still be stuck in the same old rut. There is something about this sub that facilitates the user and their close loved one in making such big decisions.
@Infinite, Tbh I really have no idea which subliminal I am gonna use next. I mean whenever I think of using another subliminal, my mind goes blank. I have no idea

I feel really good on this subliminal. Life is so smooth and easy.

I feel as if I can do anything in calm and relaxed way.

I can talk to random people and there is something about my Aura that attracts animal..This weird.

One day a cow just walked right in front of me and was like "Sup bro?"..

It's like my Aura brings the goodness out of people or some like that.. They talk with respect and are willing to help me even though I don't care much cause I always find another way..

Still I thank the people and motivate them cause that's how we humans should be with each other..

On USLM3 I am successfully overcoming my fears thanks to FRM.. World feels like a safe place nothing to be afraid off.. Do what you wanna do, say what you wanna say.. Live the way you like.. Just keep improving slowly but surely..
Well, I guess the only thing left for me to do is to learn to trust myself and the flow of life.

This subliminal is slowly resolving all the issues one by one.

I used to wants to control things so that it went according to my way only to impress the world around me, but I totally forgot the world inside me and ignored it's calling for a loong loong time and unconsciously created all the emotional and mental barriers that stopped me from listening to it.

Try to control things for a short while gave me an illusion that I could control life and events outside my reach in long-term but it was not possible yet my ego and stubbornness pushed me too far to try to do that also and in doing so I damaged and broke myself.

I started development false belief about me and the world outside me.. I wasn't able to differentiate whether something was going to be an opportunity or a tragedy. This confused me so much that I took too much time thinking about it and by that time the opportunity went by..

This only happened cause I didn't trust the flow of life and tried to control it or resist it.. I didn't trust myself.

I know this is a different state of consciousness but we know the core of these problems that is "Fear".. Shannon knows this for a reason yet I see people in life not trusting the flow.. The flow will lead you to success.. But we human block it with negative emotions by involving ourselves with the chains of society, cultures/tradition etc..

Those who break from these chains and start trusting themselves, the life and only work on building their own strength and overcoming their weakness will know what true success is....

It's not easy but it is possible.. cause if it would have been that easy then everyone would've done it.

It's difficult cause its gonna get easier...
Thanks for sharing Zane. I believe that I saw a glimpse of this on the first few days when I was on dmsia. I noticed how what we think of successful traditional jobs are not necessarily success.

I've been wanting to tell you that the other day when I said on my SO's USLM3 journal that I felt so good knowing that you had found such an awesome sub. That unusually good feeling continued for hours. Then the next day we got a breakthrough on a situation with a relative of ours. He worked hard for something that he earned, but this group of people put their heads together for two to three weeks to plot on how they could give what was rightfully our relative's to someone else. Lawyers were going to get involved if they didn't give him what was his. There would have been a lot of drama, money, time and energy having to fight this, but it got resolved. SO has been believing that it would get resolved. I could be way off since I don't know just how subs work. There is a part of me that thinks that it's possible that you executing USLM3 also had part in this, because like I said I felt so unusually good after reading about your experiences and sharing about how my SO being on USLM3 has had such a positive effect on me. I don't know what the "morphine drip" is like, but it might have been.
Nice results Zane...will you be getting the new version? I'm curious as to how that version affects someone who has had success on the version you are using.
I am that I am, I will be what I will be. 

I am grateful for all that I have. I am humble as I revel in the wonders of power
(05-17-2019, 11:28 AM)Oversoul Wrote: Nice results Zane...will you be getting the new version? I'm curious as to how that version affects someone who has had success on the version you are using.

Well, the reason I am not upgrading to USLM4 cause its not a free upgrade and tbh even if it were then the ASRB is like 3 days on 4/7 days off.. Can't remember.

I started USLM3 near around October and tbh in first 3 months I faced alot of stuff and things were not easy (just like Shannon mentioned) so I decided to stick to it and see were this goes and after I crossed 3 months it became really really smooth.. As if everything was now falling in place very easily and it did.

Tbh life feels like a vacation.. Not stress about anything.. I mean nothing. Its also that I am on antidepressants but it was USLM3 which got me here and it's all part of a process.. Just going with the flow.. a concept which was hard to accept in first 3 months but now I have accepted it and it really makes life easy..

There is absolutely nothing that can bother me now..

I am still listening to 3 loops daily without any ASRB breaks that's cause 4 loops is still very strong to kick my subconscious ass... So I haven't even used USLM3 to its potential hence it will feel like a waste to buy USLM4.

Also it took me 4 months to figure out that 3 loops daily would be the best for me..tried 5 loops then 1 loop then 4 loops but 3 loops is my right dose..

Everything is working in synchronization with USLM3.. My medication, manifestation, random event and almost everything..

This why I plan on using this for a looog time.. I mean I have seen people listen to same subliminal for 1 year or 2 straight..

Before buying USLM3 I had this weird quotes in my head that "Successful mindset is the foundation of life".. So I figured if I can program my subconscious to achieve or do anything I want to just by using one subliminal what subliminal would that be - - The answer USLM3..

You will not be the same person after you have been on USLM3 for 6 months or more.. You will then understand why and how people are successful.. Its not just hard work it's universe working for you.. You do your part7and universe does it's..

You are at right time, place and moment when success happens...Mindset plays a huge role...
Dude, I appreciate you so much aswell as your journal. Presence is fucking amazing isnt it? Just flowing?

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