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Title: US/LM 4
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I had a feeling or a belief on the 15th that our first goal has been accomplished. Had the same feeling two days later, and again three days later. SO had the same feeling during the week. The goal hasn't manifested yet though.

Two of our relatives who were exposed to this sub while I listened to it won a raffle. The odds were greatly against them. There were over a thousand people at the event, hundreds of people buying raffle tickets, and only 25 prizes. Each of our relatives spent $10 each, and both of them won a prize valued over a hundred dollars.

I had an unusual dream about a group of people who were making a toast to SO and I. They would say "emergence" plus another word after the word emergence. They must have done this 5 to 7 times. What was so unusual is that it was in a different language. I googled the first word they kept repeating and found out it meant "emergence". I would never know what the other words mean since I couldn't even pronounce them in the dream.

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