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Title: UMS or multiple 4g subs?
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(06-11-2020, 08:11 AM)Shannon Wrote: 5.75G requires special usage instructions.  Use it too much, and you'll trigger resistance and exhaustion.  Once you get used to the instructed usage amounts, you may be able to increase listening time.  In the beginning, you have to observe how you respond and adjust accordingly.  I recommend adjusting the days off to accommodate such that when you start feeling the effects fade, you start using it again.  But first, use it for a month as instructed and you'll come to know how many days off are optimal for you by when it fades.  

For example, for me, 4 days off is optimal.  I used it for a month, noted that it was always on the 5th day that the program started to fade out in effects, and dropped it to 4 days off to keep things going.  I also note that using 2 loops a day for too many days in a row results in exhaustion.  I experimented with 8 loops and found that it was overload; it took 2-3 days before the resistance that resulted would fade (including serious argumentativeness), and then I would get 3 days of good stuff.  Running it 2 loops a day is better.  More even, much less resistance.

Once you know how many days off i optimal for you, you can try adding days on.  So if you start off with 2 loops on Day 1, and you determine that your optimal days off is 4, once you know that you can just use it at 2 loops 1day on, 4 days off, or you can do a round of 2 days on, 4 days off and see how that works.  The goal is to find your sweet spot and where you get maximum results, and minimum resistance and exhaustion.  

But first... 4 rounds according to the instructions to learn how it affects you and get to know it.

@Shannon I've been using UMS for the last 4 weeks according to instructions: 3 days in a row (2 times) and 4 days off. 

I now like to adjust to find the optimal usage. However, I can't really tell when results fade. Since I started using it I've often felt like having the flu. I've also noticed lucky 'coincidences'. 

Do you have any suggestions about increasing or decreasing days of usage or number of runs for someone that doesn't know if/when results are fading? Or maybe another way for me to look at this?
Are there any other UMS users who can share how they optimized their listening time? For example: when you increase the listening time/days how do you know if it's actually causing overload/resistance and not effective?
UMS has autoconfig built-in, after a couple of cycles you can trust your intuition. If you want to do “moar”, consider dropping one day off. If it’s too much you’ll probably feel exhausted.
(08-15-2020, 11:19 AM)fab10 Wrote: UMS has autoconfig built-in, after a couple of cycles you can trust your intuition. If you want to do “moar”, consider dropping one day off.  If it’s too much you’ll probably feel exhausted.

Thanks, I dropped one day off yesterday and I'll use this schedule for the next couple of weeks to see how it goes.

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