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Title: The Female Counterpart To Alpha Male Subliminal Training
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I hear all the time in "real life" and even just read the same thing recently in these forums... people whining about how it's a shame that young people today have sex for the enjoyment of it, rather than "some other reason" HuhHuhHuh Only it was a couple of guys saying that it's a shame girls today have sex for enjoyment rather than <inserting biased interpretation here> denying themselves pleasure and then handing over control of their bodies to a man who gets to dictate what she is allowed to do with it for the rest of her life.
I think finding joy is a higher purpose of life and pleasure and joy are extremely healthy reasons to interact with other people sexually or otherwise. The same reason anyone does anything they love and enjoy, from dancing to art to playing an instrument. No need to go putting value judgements and limitations and inserting guilt and shame. We don't own other people anymore, it's 2011. When people are free to follow their impulses and intuition, loving interaction flows BEAUTIFULLY and there is nothing better than loving uninhibited relationships.
I think it all goes back to efforts to control people, why women are supposed to not have sex, not enjoy sex, yada yada. I personally find it very sexy when a woman approaches me and directly expresses her interest in me, and even more so when a woman I am dating directly initiates sex if she wants it. I think there's not much more beautiful than a woman enjoying her body's capacity for sexual pleasure to it's fullest. It also seems to me that at this point in time, the whole reason for controlling women through controlling them sexually has lost it's validity, whatever validity it may have had to begin with.

That doesn't mean I advocate women (or men) going out and having meaningless sex all the time. One has to maintain self respect in the whole thing... which Alpha Female 2011 also deals with, among other things. But I think that restoring women to their natural sexuality is a very important thing for the health of society as a whole. I'm thinking it will be important to release the hounds, so to speak, in a way that allows both genders their natural sexuality without inflaming or encouraging sexism, and while making sure that both partners take responsibility for preventing the spread of STDs and creating unwanted pregnancies.

I have taken a while off to clear my mind and now I am going to go back through the script, and see what I think needs to be added, removed or tweaked.
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