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Title: Sister playing manipulation / control games?
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So my sister is a elder sister; she is successful in her career and I live in HER house like a poor man that cant take care of himself; I dont pay rent or anything, I live for free.....I live with her husband too and my 3 nieces......

I am wondering if my sister is playing control tactics on me; she keeps buying me stuff not out of love or enjoying surprising me with gifts but out of pity like I am too lazy to buy them myself; last couple of days she bought me bed spread and I think pillows and pillow cases........

I personally dont want them; and if I wanted to buy them they would be more custom types.

I don't know if she is buying this stuff for me (she says because she wants to bring good stuff to me) but my voc rehab counselor said she is using control tactics; where she buys things for me means she is trying to control me.

But I dont know if shes buying it or me cuz she thinks I cant afford it or she thinks I have no sense of style and she needs to "take care of me" so she gets things for me (she has even gotten shirts for me too).

I dont feel joy, I feel annoyed that she does that. What should I do?
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First of all, lets state the facts:

Your sister let you live in her house for free.
Your sister is buying you stuff.

There is no objective problem in that, you are in a rather good position.

But there could be stuff going on on a deeper level, sure. She could be buying you stuff to reinforce her position as more successfull (I guess there can be some competition-dynamics) going on between siblings. Some people need to make others feel unable to make themselves feel able, but I am not really sure that is the thing here, it's more that she feel good about herself buying stuff to you, and you, already insecure, see those as hurtful to your already "damaged" ego.

My recommendation, is to get yourself to a place where you first don't take such things as a "punch to the gut" but instead learn to appreciate your current situation and maybe also your sister for supporting you. The reason behind her actions is of secondary importance. And in the process of doing so, also take care of your own situation, get a job, your own income, etc.

I would recommend E2. It have helped me tremendously with my situation at home (I have a mom that show some of the tendencies that you describe in your sister). It doesn't affect me anymore, at least not as much as before. Now I decide how I feel about things.
Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship. - Buddha
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I think u are taking this a wrong way. It's not ur sister who thinks like that but it is u who is feeling guilty that u cannot return the favor. As if u could do the same. Equivalent Exchange.

Well there is one solution. Improve urself. Develop ur personality and then u can return the favor. I know what it feels like... Becoming a responsible and independent man will change all of that.

She's family after all

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