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Title: Should this mandatory?
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Just came across this and thought it would be perfect for subliminals listening.
I have scratched out the name to comply with forum rules. Thoughts guys?

[Company Name] Audio is transforming the way we hear the world by customizing sound to each and every ear. As the world’s pioneer in tailored audio and with its award-winning, patented and verified technologies, [Company Name] Audio works with audio products and services of all sizes to ensure the fullest listening experience possible.

[Company Name] Audio is part of [Company Name] Communications, which has been working on audio profile- based technologies since 2010.
I'm not really sure what you're trying to communicate here man? Maybe i'm a little tired or in a weird mood but i'm lost.
He's referencing to a product which are used to customize audio from an output to the users specific hearing.
Yes, so the theory is that for people who have had "resistance" to subs might in fact just be unable to hear some frequencies of the hearing spectrum. Hence, the need to tailor different frequency bans for each individual.
Ah ok, interesting. I have no idea when it comes to the sound engineering stuff but i'm sure Shannon would have come across it so see what he says.

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