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Title: [Request] Multitasking mastery
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I’d like to see a sub for those of us who have to do more than one thing at once at a very fast pace.  I am talking about something that would be good for a really chaotic office job, but would also help something like emergency services people who have to drive, navigate to somewhere they may not have been without aid, use various communications devices properly, and get information off a computer at pretty much the same time.  It would have to:

Eliminate any sense of overwhelm or panic

Prioritize all tasks

Keep track of what you were doing if you had to switch so you can go right back with maximum efficiency.

Keep track of and execute every phase in whatever process you are involved in.

Effective time management.

Elimination of tendency to daydream or dawdle when you shouldn’t 

Block out unimportant distractions but immediately recognize and respond to important ones.

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