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Title: Questions about LMS 5.75.6
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(05-03-2021, 06:37 PM)Extalia Wrote: Okay, I’ll start out with a speaker first. Thank you!

You are quite welcome.
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Hi Shannon, will ultrasonic be effective when the sound is transmitted directly to the brain? I have gotten a transmitter that is able to transmit the sound data from my phone directly to my cochlear implant (practically directly to my brain).

I’m assuming that the masked version should work with this as the risk of my hearing not picking up the subliminal audio is eliminated completely, unless I configure the volume inappropriately. :p

To summarise, the sound will not be played out loud from the speakers at all. The sound is transmitted directly from the phone, to the transmitter, then to my implant and the brain. 

Also, I would like to clarify what volume to listen to the subliminal at? (With the transmitter) I’ve been following this analogy: Listen to them at the same volume in which you would watch pewdiepie at haha

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