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Title: Psychic/Psychic abilities/Business
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MY response to HIs post:
I"d love to see a psychic sub,just period. one that I've suggested before as many have,but again its a time thing. maybe it could actually come to fruition, this time, or some version there of.
especially with all 5 new breakthru's and other additional improvements, add in ,for more than good measure.
OH while at it,consider putting in parts of USLM v.42 for good measure to attract good expereinces and/or clients
 request of OF v2 and DRS upgrade as well. hell I know its a packed combo but it really would help to have these in thier. once your doing psychic work,you come up against a lot both here in this world and 'else where' shall  we say.
  I Love Darth's suggestion though. Fear remover would allow us to handle the  crunch that can come doing such work,as well.

DarthZenus) or however you spell it) yeah that dude:
@Shannon Hey Shannon just wanted to bounce 2 ideas off of you for possible subs to make money off of one of which has been mentioned before. The one mentioned before is of course the Trading sub mainly because you've already had 3-4 people go on record saying they will buy a copy. The second is one I've been actually looking forward to and that would be a Psychic or Psychic abilities sub. I would have wait til 6G for that one but if it might gather some interest to the point of making money why not now? Could be a possibility to look into. Something that would develop all psychic abilities and allow you to have conscious control over their usage. Might help out in all sorts of areas for example if you know a certain business deal is going to end badly in the future, etc.
 Anyway, thought I would throw those ideas out there just as
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