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Title: Process Diary- Breast Enlargement version 6.0
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(06-16-2017, 12:56 PM)mimi Wrote: Thank you @Mr.Anderson, @4Kingdoms

Friday update 6/16/17
New measurements:
Bust: 38-1/2" (across nipples)
Chest: 32" (under bust)
Overbust: 36-1/8"
No weight gain.

Speakers had begun crackling during the night so I lowered volume in order to sleep, will probably need to replace I'm sure.
Felt a little less breast-sensation upon waking up each morning, so lower volume may have attributed to smaller increase this week or, perhaps it was more that I had a bit of an off-week. I don't know the answer, just thinking out loud. Some anxiety, business-related, gave a person a chance and I may have been too trusting so looking into how I may have to undo it. Being assertive sometimes makes me uncomfortable, too trusting in "hoping" for the best or going the easier route is definitely not a sound directive for me; I see these themes coming up as something more to work on.
Continued with listening to ultrasonic nightly at 7-8+ hours nightly and during day 5+ hours daily.

My to-do list this week: listen daily to trickling stream an hour daily and take care of issue with speakers.

Usually crackling speakers happens when playing the ultrasonic track too loud. If the crackling disappeared when you lowered the volume, I wouldn't worry about it.
Thanks for your input, @RTBoss I didn't know that. Smile
1.5" growth in almost 4 weeks is awesome. Keep up the updates. I don't think there has been a single person who has done updates with the full 6 months before and after.
I believe Tigerlilly did.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
Friday update 6/23/17
Measurements remained the same as last week, nothing new to report.
Friday update 6/30/17
New measurements:
Bust: 38-3/4" (across nipples)
Chest: 32" (under bust)
Overbust: 36-3/4" --starting to get more fullness
No weight gain.
Has the hubs noticed or made any comments?
Almost 2 inch gain in bust on a month. Very nice keep the updates coming.
Sorry for the delay, I was on vacation and had poor internet connection.

No changes measured for the week..

Nox, Hubs hasn't said anything, as I've chosen to keep this private, but we are getting a lot of time and attention from him and that's what is really different.
Wantgirlfriendtohavebigboobs, thank you for your support..

One thing that's happened in the span of a week, was receiving unexpected money.
I feel that through this program, I'm opening myself up to allowing myself to receive.
No idea if there is a connection or not, I'm only reporting my experiences and thought I'd mention this as it came to me twice in the span of a week, totaling five digits (xx,xxx.)

Beginning stage 2 tonight. Listened to stage 1 a little longer due to the speaker issues/volume so wanted to make sure I added days to make up for it.
I will skip posting this week as I'd like to measure outside of ovulation, in order to get an accurate reading. Right now it's quite an increase and just want to be sure.
Have a nice weekend everyone.
No growth to report of, but what I've gained on a different aspect I think is worth mentioning and I attribute it to this sub.

So I've been on vacation with family and not in my own home. Doing my best although using a different audio output, not being able to devote enough time in the day/night, as a result I believe this is why my breasts aren't feeling as heavy/full, but it hasn't bothered me in the least.

First day, we went to the beach and normally I'd feel very shy, contained, watching to see which woman at the beach looked perfect and what about me wasn't perfect so I could self deprecate. This feeling of having to appear perfect, do everything perfect, is melting away. Even with the standard I placed on myself to post here every Friday, to do a "perfect" job in documenting, has melted away. Now I feel like posting whenever I have something I really feel like saying, and not because I feel I have to say something. It's going from being out there to being in here.

At the beach, I had on my bikini on and the confidence I felt was liberating. I was enjoying the essence, the moment I was in, with the people I love more than anything, with no care in the world if I looked perfect or not, or if anyone else did for that matter. It wasn't important to me anymore.

To see if this was a fluke, I experimented again and again; and the same thing happened over and over. I wasn't feeling shy anymore, confident in my self and in my little bikini, walking around freely, being checked out and instead of shying away from them like before I was energetically receiving these compliments, being tossed by the waves, laughing so much - I was having fun.
This is a huge gain for me.
Starting Stage 3 today. It's been a rough few months, lots has happened in life, including a death of a beloved family member; processing it all has been a lot, on top of it started my own biz, and just doing my overall best to keep up. Size remains the same, but interestingly, the shape has beautified. Hard to put into words but the shape of the breast has expanded around the breasts with contouring, so that if I were to (but hubby wouldn't be that supportive of this idea lol) go out into the world without a bra I'd have no problem with it at all. This is a major mindset shift and results observation of how my breasts have evolved. It's pretty remarkable how this program has worked thus far.
Latest update- I took a pause from this program as my life was taking on a different direction and I felt guided to follow the flow of events. Having someone close to you die, puts a different spin on life and it sure did for me.

Instead of going for bigger breasts at this time, going for becoming a bigger, successful entrepreneur who makes a difference in the world is my priority at this time and I'm honoring it.

I'm going to begin a thread on my current program I'm on: BASE 5g. I began on 4 February and once I'm completed, I intend to come back to this program and begin anew. Being a few months off of Breast Enhancement 6.0 I can see a little difference but the shape the program helped tone my breasts to is still very much there and is a big plus. The volume decreased slightly and I expected that to happen, as there's a reason it's a 6-stage system which needs to be followed through but overall I was very, very, pleased with the program and how well I responded to it. Stay tuned, to be continued..

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