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Title: Overcoming Resistance?
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I'm curious how you guys have dealt with resistance coming up during your subliminal journeys.

I stumbled upon a post on here about identifying different types of resistance and was surprised to see I'd hit pretty much all of them.  I would change program, think I know better and skip a stage, buy something else and change goal.  Over the past week I've developed an unreal level of anxiety that's been a huge disruption in my life but with nothing actually seeming to cause it.

I've decided to start through AM from the start and actually follow the instructions this time, now that I'm aware of these types of resistance however how do I overcome them?  Is it simply a case of just sticking to the instructions and grinding through until they resolve themselves?   Or is there something that I can do to aid the process?  I can't seem to figure out what it is exactly that I'm resisting I just seem to feel the effects of it.
AM is what showed me that there was something going on with resistance. I started my journey to figure that part out in 2012 or 2013. Last year, I finally managed to get something going that seems to work, and earlier this year I upgraded it. It's called Overcoming Fear v2 5.75G, and it is what deals with the root cause of all subliminal resistance. It's a serious commitment, requires 8 months to run through once. But it is a life changer and a game changer for most people. And once you've run through that, every subliminal will work better as a result. I suggest you get and run that, and then see how AM6 goes.

Otherwise the only way through is through. And AM6 is powerful enough to trigger a lot of resistance, as you can see, but in some cases, not powerful enough to overcome it.

What you're resisting could be a number of things. Resistance can result from the subconscious concluding that the process or the goal or both is life threatening for some reason. But oddly, it usually stems from a subconscious fear that somehow, the process or the goal or both is going to kill you if you do/achieve it.

The two types of subs that trigger this fear the most are AM and subs designed to get to sex, like DMSI. OF will make a big difference for the vast majority of people in getting past and through these fears.

And, the best subs for overcoming resistance are the latest ones. They have the most advanced, most powerful and most effective scripts for achieving the goals of the program regardless of fear or resistance.
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