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Title: On Using DMSI
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Today is my first day of using DMSI, and I have some questions which the instructions have brought to my attention.

First, I notice that the 8 loops per day takes the better part of 9 hours. (8 hours, 48 minutes)

Then, I see that it is suggested that we use this while we are awake, rather than asleep, to ensure the best rest.

And, we are instructed to use the program only when we are alone, and the 8 loops per day should be without interruption.

This means: I need to have about 9 hours to myself, during the day, every day, in order to get the maximum benefit of DMSI.

Is this correct? Have I perhaps misread something in the instructions?

Today, I do indeed have the 9 waking hours to myself, without anything stopping the looped recording even for a moment.

However, there will be some days when I am working with others, or perhaps doing things like shopping, which put me around other people. On these days it might not be possible for me to get all 8 loops in, while I am alone, and also awake.

Could I possibly wear in-ear headphones, and listen to the recording while I am walking around doing my shopping, or even when I am working with someone else, as long as the volume is low enough that only I can hear the track?

I would appreciate a reply from Shannon, and from anyone else with good DMSI experiences.

Alot of people have used DMSI when asleep, I did for a long time and it was fine. Though that was an earlier version.

The main thing is to be able to do the listening consistently, whether that's night or day. I'd try at night if you can't make the time during the day and just see how it affects you. If you still sleep find then it's ok.
Yeah, run it at night while you sleep.
I always run overnight while sleep. How many average joes realistically can spare 9 hours without interruption during the day? I find it's fine as long as you allow a little extra time for sleeping, ideally 10 hours or so. You may have difficulty sleeping at first but that's something that just takes getting used to unfortunately.

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