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Title: OF - discovering my fears.
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I did not intent to write a thread. But want genuinely to share my experience.

I have been getting lot of dreams since i started using OF 5.75.. Now i can say it is the effect of the sub because these dreams have a similar theme.

They are all about my fears.

- Fear of climbing:- i got the dream of me trying to climb my house. Like freerunning stuff. i use to do that when i was younger. I dreamt of me trying to do it and could feel the fear inside me. 

To explain it properly, i first felt the fear of height, tinggling sensation in my legs. I realised i just have to keep climbing .
Then i felt fear of loosing my grip, then of being drunk while climbing. It felt like i was resloving my fears one after other. but in then end i realised it is stupid to do it, common sense is still important.

One more was
- Some Fear of beautiful women:- Dreamt of being with a new girl, is was 9 atleast. Same thing, i felt some fears. But i overcame them.

I think i got more dream  but i can only remember these.

Nice work!
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