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Title: Natural Song & Lyric writing 4g
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I've been free styling all my life and I always was terrible at it.

I've always had a hard time coming up with lyrics on the spot or difficulty coming up with rhymes.

Ryhming is SO natural and easy for me now it's unbelievable. Just the other day my friend asked me to spit one of his verses over a beat for him and send it to me, I decided to spit a freestyle after the verse and I went off for a minute without any mistakes, it was great and better then I've ever done before.

The content, flow, delivery and Rhyming ability I have now is dramatically improved from a month ago.

And I haven't even been using the program properly, not even close.

But for sure I can tell you that this program works really well.

Super satisfied with this product.
Are you still running this program? If not, you should keep going!
Good to hear! This is a sub I would like to run in the future.
I had used it for 2 weeks or so stopped for 2 weeks and ive been on it for about 6 days again. good sub i will keep using and post long term results.

My flow, lyrics, writing ability is way better then b4 using this sub but not as good as when i used it for 2 weeks.. overcome fear 5g definitely disrupted it.

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