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Title: My DMSI Journey (3.3)
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DMSI 3.2 A Journal

Start Date- August 23, 2018

Day 1
No dreams from last night. Woke up super tired...for one.. I only got 2hrs of sleep and for two.. this sub. Not a good combo.

A guy I like (Ted) double texted me in the AM.. first he said good morning and then I told him I’m gonna be busy I’ll text him later and he said okay... and then he texts me three hours later asking about my mom.. lolll

Then I took a nap and he texted me twice while I was napping, at different times.

The second time he texted me he asked if I still wanna hang out with him

Originally I kept asking him if we’re still going to hang and he kept saying he will think about it etc.. until he ended up saying we should hang out another time. He kept blowing me off

I feel much more detached... from him. I honestly told him it would be better for us to hang next week... for many reasons. One the logistics of the time wouldn’t be favorable and the fact that I wanna be as comfortable as possible and I’m not going to strain myself for others LOL.

Body heat increases.. at different times...

Don’t feel that much different tbh ??‍♀️

Get extremely tired listening to this subliminal

Day 2- August 24, 2018

Few glances, here and there but nothing too out of the ordinary or nothing that really stuck out to me.

Couple long glances from guys but that’s all really.

Ted is still texting me first.. posted a post and he replied to it and started up a convo with me.

Two guys kept looking at me while I was at Walmart. Walked to a different aisle and they walked by AGAIN, and both of them kept looking while they were walking.

Day 3- August 25, 2018
Switched over to hybrid.

Hung out with my friend Megan and her sister.

Vivid dreams but nothing sexual.

Plenty guys looking, smiling and laughing at our conversation.

My friend’s sister noticed a guy breaking his neck in his car to look at us.

Woman at the beach smiled and greeted us, she even offered us to sit on her towel whenever we want.

ALOT of guys were staring, and looked right in my eyes and face. At some point, it got so much that I started to get a bit much because everywhere I looked someone was already looking. It wasn't just glances because whenever I would make eye contact they would instantly smile or look away and the look back again to see if i'm still looking.

Day 4- August 26, 2018
Not really remembering my dreams as much...on Hybrid. Not sure if the volume is too low.

But Geeez, I’m exhausted. Not getting enough sleep isn’t helping but I’m not this exhausted usually.. and I feel it has something to do with the sub ?

Day 5-6 August 27-28, 2018

Not really getting dreams related to the subs honestly. I haven’t noticed anything different with how I’m being treated.. tbh. I have noticed that I’m not as jealous about Ted talking to other girls..

Don’t feel any different that much... umm not do I feel like I’m getting extra attention. So I’m gonna try to increase my loops, cus the hybrid is much more powerful.. so maybe I’m going through resistance? Anyways.. also, I don’t get about hours of sleep.. so I’m not listening enough while I’m sleeping.. maybe 2-4 loops, so that has to do with it as well and I’m not sleeping as much so lately I’ve been tired af.. so my brain might be exhausted.

I notice that I avoid listening to the subs when I have the opportunity to listen ? so I’m working on that. Lol

First 1-3 days I was very good with listening so I just need to be more disciplined.

Ted and I had a little disagreement about something and then he left me on read.. and usually I would’ve felt some type of way but woah.. I honestly could care less LOL. Sometimes I imagine him just never talking to me ??‍♀️ I feel like he’s slowly becoming a turn off for me and I’m slowly seeing his flaws.. and I feel like I’m it’s dragging for us to keep talking.. we will see. But I’m enjoying this feeling right now.

Day 7- August 29, 2018
Today is going to be my last day to listen and then I take a one day break! ?? Anyways, idk. I’m worrying more about myself... I don’t have a sinking feeling or an anxious feeling in my body when I think about Ted texting me or not...

I don’t know about you guys but for me to feel or look good, everything else in my life has to go smoothly.. like my room has to be clean, car clean, grades and assignments in check.. just overall I have to not procrastinate and make sure I’m doing what I can to have everything prepped and organized... I feel like the sub is really pushing me to work on my self.. today I made a list of things to do and I’m going through them just because I know I’ll feel better.. I’m thinking more long term and this all forces me to do my skincare, plan my outfits etccc.. just things overall to make me look GOOD in the long run.

Hopefully that made sense lmao
It's possible the tiredness is resistance. There's a sweet spot with DMSI. When I was on 2 loops I was dead tired. But after gradually moving up to 7 I started feeling energized. Not saying you should jump to seven loops, but definitely experiment with what you feel works best.
Sorry, I haven't been active, my school has been kicking my butt and I have two more finals. I've been listening religiously (aside from missing 1-2 days) but other than that.... next week I'm going to hook up with a guy I met. Honestly, I just wanted to have sex (virgin) but he wants to wine and dine and take it slow... I don't mind, really, but I always assumed guys don't do extra things when they're getting p***y already... But I honestly think I deserve it... I deserve to be treated like a queen. And this guy mentioned how he's had dreams about me etc.. this was from DMSI 3.2 B and it has been a little less than a month since I've started listening.

Anyways, while I was on A, I have actually tried to get better at making myself look more presentable and feel better about myself. My self-esteem is rising, but not fully where I want to be.

So.. I've started listening to DMSI 3.3 on my phone at night.. I get around 6-8hrs of sleep.
I listen to it on my iPhone 7, and the volume level is usually around 14-15/16... so kinda loud but I don't mind when I'm sleeping... I actually can't sleep without listening to subs now. lol

Plus when I first started listening to these 3.3 - I had some happy ass dreams, and I've been procrastinating less and less. I actually was able to fast for 24 hrs (finally the other day).. and I've been just more optimistic.

I started December 12 or 13 don't remember 100%...
I also wonder if I'm experiencing TID because literally the day before I downloaded the new version another guy was telling me how much he can't wait to F*** me and let me tell you... he is one difficult cookie.

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