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Title: Maximum Immune Response v3 Testimonial
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Full disclosure, I am a staff member of Indigo Mind Labs and I am a Tier 3 tester for Shannon’s subliminal programs.

I am allergic to cats, and as luck would have it, I live with a cat. My immune system has been extremely problematic since living with the cat. In fact I have been sick off and on for the greater part of half a year since living with a cat. 

To sum it up, using this sub made me very aware that my body has been fighting something, or multiple somethings, off for many months. Within a week, all of the sickness is gone and no signs of returning. I should add that I take supplements regularly to help with immune, and over the months they did not make nearly as big an impact as this sub has. 

At first it did make my symptoms worse, and brought them to the surface, but within a few days it flushed those symptoms out. So I’d tell anyone using this to expect to need more rest for at least a couple days and some time to dedicate to it. It’s very much worth the time investment.I was a bit sick when I started the sub. Upon starting the sub, those symptoms became worse and I became more aware of the fact that I was actually sick, or in other words, a sickness that I would usually just ignore (let’s say a 4 out of 10) became a 5 or 6 out of 10. That sickness subsided within a few days, and after that was when I became aware that my body was fighting something else behind the scenes. At that point, I wouldn’t say I was sick, just a bit lethargic.

I didn’t keep a time log, I really ought to have, but essentially it killed the initial sickness within 3 days and killed the other sneaky infections within the next 4 days. I listened for a week total, 4 loops per night at bedtime, not skipping any days. A few days later as I type this I am still in good health. I think this sub is worth getting for a couple reasons. First, the ability to rid yourself of underlying infections and whatnot is priceless and will help your energy levels tremendously. Second, I think it’s great to have on hand if you ever become sick in the future. I have a full time career so I can’t afford to miss days of work or not be able to perform at 100%. 

That’s my testimonial. I think this sub is a fantastic addition to any household. Please decide for yourself if it is worth it to you, since this is just my anecdotal experience.

I'd like to add that I'm quite savvy with supplements - always have been. I regularly take and cycle various green superfoods supplements, wheat grass, Maca root, suma root, astragalus, Reishi, various vitamins and aminos, and various mood support and adaptogenic type supplements, including some odd ones like Shilajit. I've included a picture of (some of) my supplements below.

So, in effect, I'm impressed that MIR3 took care of my cold + whatever else was affecting me better than any supplement I've tried.

[Image: ScS3462.jpg]
I'd like to report that I'm still feeling 100%. None of my cold-symptoms have returned. I often am sick off and on, so the fact that I have not gotten sick again is promising. Thanks Shannon Smile I'll report back again later

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