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Title: Man-magnet (MEET more handsome men)
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I know it probably won't be made as I think I'm the first to ask for it, but I would LOVE there to be a man-magnet one ---- like there is a woman-magnet one. I currently have attract your perfect boyfriend & be a magnet to handsome men, but the problem is NOT that men I fancy are not attracted back to me cos some of them are (hooray!) but it's that I'm not meeting enough men I find attractive. And there's some things in there about changing from not putting one woman on a pedestal but realize there is an abundance of them (or something along those lines.) I often put men I like on a pedestal because I only like 1% of guys, and I'd LOVE to have that steady stream of hunky lovely guys to choose from. At the moment I only get that from online dating, but I would absolutely LOVE to be meeting men when I am out and about who really take my fancy and I think a man-magnet version of the women-magnet would help. Anyway, it's just a suggestion, I think Shannon's pretty busy at the moment and I am thrilled to the back teeth to have the attract your perfect boyfriend (which is what I ultimately want now anyway) and the be a magnet to handsome men (when I'm looking forward to using again and for longer and see what happens!) I'm so thankful for the subs you make and the subs I have and excited to be using them. But, I'm just putting that out there. Maybe the BIATHM one will have the
desired affect anyway with enough use. ;-)
From a business standpoint there shouldn't be a double standard and this program should be considered by the s-man.
Please keep in mind you not should judge a man solely on his looks. If you do you will be in serious trouble and be unable to sustain a relationship if thats what you want to achieve.

Alot of handsome men are boring. You may want a Brad Pitt lookalike but what if hes boring ? what if you want him as monogamus but he screws around ?. Remember also stop dreaming about your perfect handsome man every man has flaws like every woman. If you continue on your current path you will realize you lack a destination.

women are judged mostly by looks. not all but a lot...women get talked about like a piece of meet to be f####d....double standards.....i think you should not compromise on what you want..if you want a goodlooking man, so be it...the key here is to improve/raise yourself to the point where you will be able to attract what you want. subs help. To Athena, go for what you want! although sometimes, chemistry/attraction is more important than looks. whatever it is, i think you should not settle for something you do not want!
i do not believe women are a piece of meat as i am a woman.. what im referring to is the way women are talked about, like a piece of meat. it is true. you dont need to look further away from this forum to notice this. i think it comes with the territory as most people here are men, few women. thats just the way it is because of the gender imbalance. but i noticed that it is just the way men talk and most of the time is harmless. for some reason, men are more visual/graphic and sexual. i noticed this on online chat when chatting with men and women. even if i dont know if a person is a man or woman, i can distinguish it because of the way they talk. very different. i do agree though that women have more power in the selection process for relationships. from experience, if you're a decent looking woman, it is pretty easy to have your choice of men. i consider myself a lesbian because i only get attracted to women romantically. meaning i can only love/have feelings for women. but i do get attracted to men regarding s#x. ive always found it pretty easy to find decent men. just post on CL and within hours, you can take your pick and even meet on the same day if you like. maybe it also helps that i dont have much anxiety with men and no fear of rejection. cause with women, i get nervous and have a fear of rejection. i dont have a good gaydar. but once i know a woman is bisexual/lesbian, fear of rejection kinda goes away.
(02-06-2016, 03:31 PM)yeah! Wrote: Yeah if a woman wants sex she only needs to go to a few supermarkets for a few hours, if that and she will have it. Even less if she went to a bar. For a man to perform the same feat would not only take good genes and skill but also luck. He would also have to do several other steps like a date or two to get this.

This isn't really what I meant though. To me it seems that the programming is still holding on to these old ideas that arent true anymore. Less and less men treat women like meat to be ***** and more and more women treat men like meat. Men are more body conscious than before. They are expected to date older women. Complete role reversal and men are now the ones shamed. I feel no shame for being male or white and wont let my sons either, though it seems that this is what society is wanting right now.

I am not judging this new way, it is an evolution. I don't fight it simply study it to move around in it. I teach my sons the truth as well and if I had daughters or granddaughters I would also teach them the best way to move around in this world at this time.

I also understand that women are real human people and understand that its not easy for anybody. Any person on here on this forum making themselves stronger is doing well. I agree with the man magnet sub. If it helps women consitently get that 1% of men that are competed for then its a great idea. I also think Alpha Female is long overdue for an upgrade.

no offense meant. it is nice to see you have a healthy attitude towards women! even though i had a lot of pain in the past due to women, i still love women and want to protect them. i like ultra feminine women thats why im usually the man-figure in the relationship even though i dont dress like a man/butch. i like being a gentleman to women. but i dont look like a man. im quite old fashioned in that way.
"They are expected to date older women"
No they are not!

SOME men WANT to date older women (partially because they think they will be quite sexually experienced and partially because they prefer them for other reasons too.
SOME men WANT to date younger women because they find them more attractive and interesting.
SOME men WANT to date women in their age range.
SOME men WANT to date women in any of these ages, they don't have a strong preference either way, although obviously not too young or too old.
SOME men even WANT to date only other men.
SOME women even WANT to date only other women.
SOME men and SOME women date both.

There are men who treat women like crap, there are women who treat men like crap.
There are men who let themselves get treated like crap by women.
There are women who let themselves get treated like crap by men.
There are also women and men who treat the opposite sex as equals while also clearly setting their own boundaries, keeping their own life, having healthy interactions with others. And all this applies for those dating the same sex too or both sexes.

It's easy to think that your own experience is everybody else's but it isn't my experience (for e.g. I've been treated like utter crap by men before sometimes and also I'm an older women and there are some younger guys who really want to date me, and some who never would.
I am not holding a gun to any guy's head. If a guy or a woman thinks I am inferior because of my age or any other reason than I don't WANT them. DON'T date women my age and older. Nobody is forcing you to.
Don't put up with crap whether from women or men.
If when you can afford it, if you want to, get the Alpha programs, they seem to help from what I see. I might get the Alpha Female program in future, when I can, myself.
I hope none of that came across as hostile to you because I didn't mean it to!!

But I think, well I'll speak about myself only here actually. I've been fed a LOT of negativity from society especially about my age, I've read a ton of articles and so on basically saying older women are GARBAGE and I'm trying really hard to get that junk out of my head. I don't like being seen as a consolation prize and I don't want to be near anyone who thinks I am! While I initiated my divorce, I cried for about a month when it happened and for many older unmarried women, we didn't choose to be this way in the sense that some of us would have preferred to have been married happily ever after and just cos life didn't work out that way for us, I don't think we should be seen as pariahs. We still have a lot to offer. A lot of guys won't want it and that's fine but it doesn't mean that none of them will. But it's been really REALLY hard to see myself as girlfriend-material, due to being older. (That's what I'm using another sub to help with.)
The Alpha Female program being upgraded? Ooh! Sounds interesting, what upgrades would you like to see? Please discuss, I'd love to know what you like about it and what you'd like to see changed. I haven't got that program yet but i do want to get it in future.
Say, maybe the new dmsi sub serves a close purpose to what you were intending to see, athena
ENFP ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Master Of All Trades. Jack of None.
Maybe. I already have guys, well mostly only ones, wanting to bonka bonka but it'd be nice to have more old-style ones approach me, chat with me, give me their number (or ask for mine) and take me on a date. I DID get about 3 dates over three months :-) but that was only from online dating!!!
And I think offline ones would take it at a slower pace.

But hey you never know, you may be right

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