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Title: LTU5 - One Year Review
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I've been using IML subs for the past few years, but I just joined the forum today to post this review.

I've been using LTU5 for the past year. Hopefully this review provide some inspiration and/or ideas for Shannon when he turns his attention toward LTU6.

The Auric Shield. I really like this. From the very beginning of my LTU5 run, I've had the sense of a "fuzzy" energetic blanket that extended ~3-5 feet from my body. I get the sense that this blanket is several inches to a foot thick. Although I'm aware of things that are outside this blanket, the majority of my conscious energy remains inside it, at least most of the time.

Universal Detox: I've used Universal Detox as a stand-alone sub and loved it. From the very beginning, LTU5 provided the feeling I experienced when running Universal Detox...like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of soothing energy. The difference between this and the auric shield is that this sits on the skin versus the auric shield which is farther out.

Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid: This is one area LTU5 really shined over time. I overcame some deep family issues that have burdened me since childhood. I've overcame relationship issues and issues toward women that I've had since adolescence. These are things that ran extremely deep, so my words aren't efectively communicating the significance. It has helped my family life considerably.

Self Esteem: This is another area where LTU5 shines. This has continually built personal sense of self that isn't based in performance, looks, style, charisma, etc. While I'm nowhere near where I want to be, this has begun to establish a solid foundation within me. This has revealed and has either overcome or is in the process of overcoming many insecurities acquired over the years. There's a sense of self-acceptance that I've begun to acquire that's amazing. Because of that, I tend to be much less of perfectionist and much less obsessive overall. Now have an easier time accepting "good enough". I also tend to care much less about what other people think of me, particularly at work, where sayinhg the wrong thing can have cascading detrimental effects. Now, I'm more likely to speak my mind versus "sugar-coating" eveything I say. That alone has done wonders for my internal peace.

Overcome Guilt and Shame: I've let go of many of the mistakes I've made over the course of life. I've forgiven myself in many ways and I'm moving on.

Let Go Of The Past: I've let go of many unresolved issues where I felt like I've been wronged.

Anger Management: I don't get road rage any more. 'Nuff said.

Overcome The Victim Mentality: I realized that I possessed a victim mentality just this prior to running LTU5. That realization cut deep considering how badly I've always despised those that I perceived as having this issue. This one still has some work to do, but I'm pleased that it has helped to dissolve the outermost influence of some key issues.

Ultra Success/Luck Maximizer: I quit setting conscious goals early on, because I was too obsessive about it at the time and kept tinkering with the details to the point that I think it was counterproductive. Instead, I opted to see what this portion of the script could do if I just allowed my conscious goals to "float". So the biggest area I've witnessed US/LM benefits has been at work. Circumstances have essentially forced me into a job role that I've intentionally avoided for years out of insecurity. While working in this role, I've had a fair amount of success at implementing ideas that I've been suggesting in the background for a long time. This implementation took theory and applied it for others to see during a high-profile, "real-time" project. It has proven the validity of claims I've been making for several years. This role has also served to show me (and bosses) that I possess knowledge/skill far beyond what many of my colleagues possess. Quite a bit of painful growth has taken place during the process which will likely continue for the next 8 months or so.

Disconnect From Negative Stress: I have an extremely stressful job. For the most part, I believe that this scripting has helped me to step into new roles, face stressful situations head on, and hold it together. That said, job stress has begun to outpace my ability/willingness to execute the script and I've been having a hard time lately.

Improve Your Love Life. Marriage is a roller coaster at times, but overall it has improved.

Ultra Motivation/Overcoming Procrastination: [no notable execution] - I've struggled with motivation since my first E2 eun several years ago. I'm finding that fear/anxiety are what have driven me my entire life. As those are gradually removed over time, I become decreasingly motivated. I'm struggling with this. What keeps me moving forward are remaining fears/anxieties and willpower.

Genuine Gratitude & Appreciation: [no notable execution] - This never took off for me. It has actually revealed that I'm a bit of a spoiled brat.

Happiness & Joy: [no notable execution] - This is another one that never took off for me. It just wasn't there.

A De-Cluttering Module. [no notable execution]

Other PROs: My approachability has increased. That could be because of "radiating loving energy" or it could be because I'm more comfortable with myself and I'm more genuinine.

Other CONs: I often struggle to find the right words during in social situations and my desire to socialize has decreased. But when I mess up a sentence, I shrug it off instead of letting it embarrass me like I would've done a year ago. Execution for me was excruciatingly slow. Other than the auric shield and Universal Detox, it took ~6 months for the script to start gaining traction. At ~9 months in, I began applying techniques similar to what Shannon has recommended to find out why I was resisting. That helped me to gain insights that in turn helped me to execute more. I faced severe boredom at times running this sub and had to force myself to continue with it.


If I had written a review of LTU5 six months in, it would've been extremely negative. But after a year's worth of use, I'm glad I ran it. Deep change takes time and overall, my time with LTU5 has been well spent.

Where it shined for me is that it helped pull me out of a lot of negativity; some of which I was aware and some of which I wasn't. I've matured in areas that I lacked maturity. I'm less tempermental and cynical. I'm less anxious overall. I've developed and continue to develop/improve a level of intrinsic self-worth that I've lacked all my life. I'm more honest with myself than I've ever been and LTU has shown me the value of running a foundational program like this. I believe that Shannon was correct when he stated that some people are running the wrong programs.

Where the program hung up for me is stepping into positivity. I lack motivation, gratitude, happiness & joy. These are no different than when I started the program. When I purchased the program, I was really looking forward to a "go get 'em", "high on life" type experience, but I'm not there. Based on the progress I've made, I do believe that LTU5 is pointed the right direction and can take me there, but it's going to take years.

I was extremely pleased to see that Shannon is considering making LTU6 a multi-stage program. I have high hopes that the mult-stage implementation plus the upgraded scripting could put the LTU horsepower where I think it needs to be to drive this thing. I intend to purchase it as soon as it's released.
LTU5 - One Year Review (Updated 7/8/20)

Great testimonial man, thanks. It made me reassured that I should keep going with LTU.
(04-11-2020, 04:36 AM)Zubrowka Wrote: Great testimonial man, thanks. It made me reassured that I should keep going with LTU.

Thank you. Based on my experience, I believe that LTU has the potential to be one of the most life-changing tools on the planet if used appropriately and for long enough. I've avoided registering/posting for several years now, but I think that providing this feedback was the right thing to do. Hopefully there are some nuggets there that can help Shannon to take it to the next level, then eventually into the stratosphere with 6G.

I took a two week break after my the last 90-day segment of my run in an effort to get rid of the boredom I was facing. When I restarted my loops, execution improved drastically. That said, I just started a 2-4week break. After that I'll restart and run it until LTU6 is in sight.
LTU5 - One Year Review (Updated 7/8/20)

Thank you for this feedback. It is extremely valuable for helping me improve this program. Very much appreciated.
Subliminal Audio Specialist & Administrator

The scientist has a question to find an answer for. The pseudo-scientist has an answer to find a question for. ~ "Failure is the path of least persistence." - Chinese Fortune Cookie ~ Logic left. Emotion right. But thinking, straight ahead. ~ Sperate supra omnia in valorem. (The value of trust is above all else.) ~ Meowsomeness!
I would like to reinforce the point NOMAD made on "Emotional Healing & Pain Relief Aid".

Myself included, I struggled with various childhood issues which remained under the radar for me to consciously understand my internal issues. This manifested into deep depression and stress.

LTU was really good at flushing out these inner demons and helping me overcome my childhood traumas. This is just one of many benefits I got form LTU but I feel like this effect carried the most weight to the overall program in my particular context and experience.

To whoever is considering LTU as their next sub, I garuantee that you won't be disappointed with the results, provided that you stick with the program for long enough.
"Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win."
- White Men Can't Jump
UPDATE - 14 months

After taking a 30 day break, I ran LTU5 again for another 60 days using the same format as last time (Hybrid .flac) at the prescribed usage including 4 on 2 off ASRB2.

This time:

Days 1-15 - Took 2 seeks to get cooking

Days 16-48 - Best execution yet. I felt like great things were on the horizon and got glimpses of that "high on life" feeling I've wanted to experience (mentioned above). I began doing outdoor maintenance around my property that I've neglected for years. I began to take more pride in what I own. I began the planning stage of several future projects that I plan on pursuing as funds permit. I began walking in the evenings and enjoying the scenery along the way. I began experiencing joy in little things I've never paid much attention to. I began enjoying time with family in ways I haven't experienced in years...in almost a childlike way.  To anyone reading this, my words can't effectively communicate what I experienced during this time. This was an amazing 33 days.

Days 49-60 - Sharp drop off of results. Boredom, anxiety, intermittent anger, etc. This happened at almost the same time during my last 90 day run which made the last half of that 90 day cycle excruciatingly awful. Learning from that experience, I'm stopping at day 60.

I'm currently taking a 7-14 day break and I'll most likely resume usage until either day 45 or LTU6 is released (whichever comes first). I've never used a six stage sub and I'm excited to see it in action...not to mention the upgraded scripting tech and FRM 4.9. Assuming the above is a mere glimpse at what the LTU series can accomplish, I'm really looking forward to what Shannon will accomplish with LTU6. I have extremely high expectations and high hopes for it.
LTU5 - One Year Review (Updated 7/8/20)


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